Renown Calculation Bug?

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Renown Calculation Bug?

Postby adambomb » Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:17 am

Not sure if this is a bug or not...before starting the 5th expedition I had close to 6000 renown (after insight spending). After the 5th expedition win screen I received around 4700 renown for Shangri-La and yet my final total renown score at the win screen was 8789.

After choosing my treasure reward for defeating Rivaleaux my renown score was nearly 7000 already so if I scored another 4700 renown during this expedition for treasures and tokens how did I end up with only 8789?

Anyone else encounter this? Is this a known issue or am I looking at it wrong? If I had to guess it seems like only my final expedition scores (tokens and treasure) got calculated and not the extra renown for insight spending, yvonne's campfire card, anthropology, shangri-la treasure reward renown, etc.


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