Several bugs in Emperor's challenge

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Several bugs in Emperor's challenge

Post by tgeorgiev » Sun May 14, 2017 2:38 am

Hey guys, first time posting here so I'll just put all these in one post. Not even sure if this is the right topic, but I see one thing about a crash here.

1. I see the attached image on the launch screen. This is for Ubuntu 16.04.

2. If you get Viktor to the new island expedition and beat the big bird boss such that he flies you over to the treasure and then FAIL to climb down, there is a near-endless stream of text in the box. I assume Viktor fell down.

3. (And this one is the cutest bug) If you select an explorer as your captain in one game mode (Emperor's challenge) and then go back and select the other game mode, their special ability is still displayed in the new game mode although they are not selected yet. So if you click on Anna in emperor's challenge, then go back and select regular renowned explorer, the captain perks box will still read "Brilliant scientist..."
Screenshot from 2017-05-13 20-35-04.png

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