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by celestialmoon
Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:18 am
Forum: Strategy & Balance
Topic: Acheivement Block
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Acheivement Block

I have 2 achievements left to get, and i've been trying for ages to get them. Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated. One of them is to get 6500 prosperity in an era, and the other one is to have a village with 600 prosperity in a 30 minute game. I do use an ambassador build. The current one I u...
by celestialmoon
Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:16 am
Forum: Strategy & Balance
Topic: Trouble Getting Acheivement
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Trouble Getting Acheivement

Hello everyone! I've been playing Reus for a little while now, but i've been stuck on getting the level 3 achievement: Diverse town: finish a 30-min era with a village with 450 prosperity and no two same natural resources between their borders. Any hints or suggestions on how to get this achievement...