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Multiplayer! More attacks and more!

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Multiplayer! More attacks and more!

Post by Xaqariah » Sat Jun 28, 2014 3:11 pm

All the great games have multiplayer! And I have a couple ideas for multiplayer.

1. You can connect to Reus using an Abbey Games account. This will make it so that your Abbey Games account shows up instead of "Player" or "Guest" or something.

2. You set up a game. You choose world size and the "Alts" That you want. You then choose how many players will play. 2-4. In two players, each player chooses a giant.

In 3 player, The host gets the extra giant, and the other two players get one giant. In four player, each player gets a one giant. You also choose the time for that

era. (Multiplayer has era mode only, however when hosting a game, it doesn't matter how many unlocks you have, you can elect all three)

3. Joining a game. When you enter the multiplayer from the menu, two options will come up, Host and Join. If you choose join, A list of 10 random games will come down,

saying how many players it has and needs, which alts there are, the world size and a portrait underneath the name of the already joined players of which giant they

chose (Same as when you move them and the bobbing face pops up)

4. Gameplay. Its up too you what you want to do. You should plan out what your world would be like first in the chat to avoid arguments (Enter to open chat, enter to

send message) You then start! You then build! (Pressing escape will bring down the menu normally, allowing you to quit the game) If a player leaves a game in-game, one

player will be randomly selected to control that players giant.

More attacks: The Swamp Giant and Rock Giant have attacks which is awesome, however, the Ocean Giant and the Forest Giant do not. I know I know, the Ocean Giant's make

Ocean power can destroy villages but I want an attack the can kill armies without ruining the area. Here's a couple of ideas.
Ocean Giant:
1.Wave Whip:
Sends a wave into the targeted area, does 10 damage to armies, but 50 damage structures. 60 Sec Cooldown
2. Hurricane/Tornado
Sends a Hurricane or tornado that picks up armies and lifts them into the sky, (The Hurricane/Tornado Lifts entirely off the screen) Then goes down in a random spot in

the world. The army will be immobilized for 10 seconds before continuing to march. Also they will attack the nearest village instead of a certain one, causing another

attack message to come up. (The army will also take 20 damage.) 130 Sec Cooldown

Forest Giant:
1.Vine Whip.
The Forest Giant swings its arm up and a vine on its arm comes off. It swings its arm towards the ground and the (To humans) Giant vine crashes into stuff. Deals 25 Damage to villages, but none to armys. IF the vine whip hits an army, it will become immobilized for 5 seconds. 30 Sec Cooldown
2.Power Stomp
The Forest Giant will stomp its foot and the ground... but not in the backround this time! Deals 30 damage to armies and 30 damages to structers. 60 Sec Cooldown

Optional Minor Changes:
1.Give the Forest Giant and Ocean Giant angry faces when they attack/destroy a village. (Ex. If an ocean giant makes an ocean on a village.)

2. Make it so that if your giants are under attack then they dont cower up, make it so they will roar and make themselves threatining, were talking about little toothpicks being thrown at a rock here -.-

3. Make it so that the sludge bomb for the Swamp Giant does 5 damage on impact.

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