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Remove aspects?

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:32 am
by Reyan
So I don't see that this has been mentioned before... how do you guys feel about being able to remove aspects after placing them? I think this would reduce frustration a lot, since it could (1) allow you to remove an replace an aspect after you upgrade it, (2) allow you to remove an aspect and replace it with a different one that you just unlocked, (3) retry for the "better" version of an aspect without having to completely start over every time. Thoughts?

Re: Remove aspects?

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:13 am
by Alexx84
It would make the game too easy... :)
And it will remove a lot of meaning from the challenge achievements :)
From basic chemistry, nearly all reactions are irreversible, so I think creating a resourse anew to try again is kind of more "natural" way :)
Same goes to plants, when you alter them there's no reverting back. And somewhat similar logic is with animals

I'd rather have the option of swapping ambassadors but every time I think about it, I instantly think it would also be too easy, and it will remove the reading up and prior planning of an era with a notepad, so this thing is better remain unimplemented either :)