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Stop overwriting my crucial tiles with challenge buildings!

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Re: Stop overwriting my crucial tiles with challenge buildin

Post by Kalil » Fri May 24, 2013 12:40 pm

What about (and pardon me if this is already possible - I haven't fiddled with the skill enough) allowing Migrate to move challenges (and maybe even villages)? This would make the skill significantly better, in that currently it can't do anything that you can't do by just replacing a tile, and it would give the player the /option/ of building towards that capability. Since Migrate unlocks w/ Swamp Ambassador, it's an easy one to skip, or to treat as a one-point wonder, a convenient side effect of maxing out Leaf Aspect. Make the ability to migrate challenges a 2-swamp unlock, and it'd make the swamp ambassadors a much more tempting choice for the Nature giant.

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Re: Stop overwriting my crucial tiles with challenge buildin

Post by Daulken » Mon May 27, 2013 10:33 pm

I personally think the best fix is also (from a coding perspective) one of the most difficult and may very well be something that's only worth considering for Reus 2.

Challenge buildings really should be part of the village, not on a separate tile. Unfortunately, it would be a massive change (new graphics being a major hurdle and not even the most significant).

The bonuses would all have to be tweaked down, but adjacent to, in village, and world bonuses all work if the tile is simply part of the village. Specializations would have to be rethought to prevent the silliness that happens now when you have one specialization for animals adjacent to a building and then that gets overwritten by a specialization for minerals.

The other option would be to redefine how adjacency works. Still a pretty big task, but not nearly as daunting as the above mentioned suggestion.

Let's say you have some fish (just as an example, I'm not actually suggesting you change sources). Your fish have a range of 2 which we'll draw as:

Code: Select all

Now, let's say you have a village, a space in between, and then 5 ocean spaces, which we'll draw as:

Code: Select all

Put the fish in the middle space, and it looks something like this:

Code: Select all

Now, let's assume fish aren't dumb, and they aren't going to start hunting their prey on the ground just because their home happens to be too close to land. They would spread out into deeper water and their adjacency would look like this:

Code: Select all

It's easier to explain with fish, but the same concept could be applied to anything in the game, including the projects.

There's actually a handful of problems with the game that while still good, keep it (in my mind) from being everything it could be. This is very close to the bottom of the list, but I certainly understand the frustrations people have. I can't wait to see what Adriaan has planned for this, but I just thought I'd throw out my .02 since it seems unlikely he's made those changes yet. :p

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Re: Stop overwriting my crucial tiles with challenge buildin

Post by MidrealmDM » Tue May 28, 2013 4:29 pm

While frustrating, I personally haven't had any really critical killer moments.
(I find it more irritating that the projects often suddenly boost a resource so high that there is no way to keep the village from getting greedy.)

But it seems realistic that humans would ignore the needs of nature.
Animals hunted to extinction, habitats destroyed, etc.

Anyway, some mechanism to destroy/damage a single square could be helpful in some situations.

Another option would be to allow projects to count as a specific type (plant, animal, mineral) depending on the project, thus allowing some symbiosis.
Seems a simple fix, though I'm not sure how difficult to program.

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