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Era Challenges

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Era Challenges

Post by puke » Fri May 24, 2013 11:06 pm

I was just thinking that the particulars of how I am designing my villages depend on what Developments I am trying to open up.

I'm currently playing my fourth game, (second level 3 game) and I expect to have the last six or so developments unlocked by the time it is done. My strategy of building a mineral only high wealth and research mountain town was shaped entirely by what I wanted to unlock.

I'm not sure how long freeplay will be interesting once everything is unlocked.

Reus could have greater replayibiliyt if you could play eras with "challenges" or specific developments/achievements as goals. After you are done with the unlocks, you could start games that randomly pick 3-12 different achievements and challenges you to hit them within the time limit.

As an advanced option, you could select some handicaps where it randomly (temporarily) locks some things, to make it more challenging. Or perhaps whatever challenges you are playing towards should also have their locked features made unavailable for the duration of that game.

Of course, anything that it can do randomly you should be able to pick an advanced option and make custom selections yourself.

Since we all find ourselves in some absurd era of social media now, perhaps it could tie in to your Steam Friends to Twitter-Book or whatever the hell, and issue challenges to others. "I got 12000 prosperity in 60 minutes with these challenge settings, can you beat my score?" or something like that.

I'm not sure if that last bit rings my bell, but I'm sure it would interest some folks.

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