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multiple resources on single patch and other things

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multiple resources on single patch and other things

Post by mark9700 » Thu May 30, 2013 6:16 am

hi everybody

first of all i want to say i love this game ! i bet has potential to become best indie game of the year

here my suggestion :

- as in the topic's title i am thinking of some kind of tier 4 and over resources . i hope you guys are thinking on further development , so maybe a good thing could be maximize the amount type of resources that you can create on each patch . This could be some kind of tier 4 development , like after the 3rd grade of a mine you could also put some other resource in the patch , enhancing the symbiosis mechanic too .

-as many pointed out , it could be preferable to let settle project with no harms for resources , or at least let decide to the player where to settle the project , preventing troubles with symbiosis strategies

-personally i'd love to play a mode where i can control diplomacy and war , against ai controlled "ghosts giants" (where ghost means other 4 giants that try to colonize with "their" humans the world we share) .
a very fun aspect of this mode could be indeed diplomacy , which could be used to trigger treason between ai's and player's villages against their allies . for diplomacy could be useful introduce a new kind of resource , influence , that could be work in symbiosis with tech and wealth , also greed .

i know i may have run with imagination a little too high , but the point i want underline is that the game is AWESOME , and it has huge potential to become seriously a masterpiece .
wish you guys lots of success and gratification from your good work

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