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A Short Story

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A Short Story

Post by Feneris » Sat Jun 01, 2013 7:59 am

The Dawning

They called him the Wise One. No one knew his name, he never gave it and a few suspected he himself didn't even remember it. He had been a part of their small group of wanderers for as long as anyone could remember.

Well, it was more accurate to say that he simply wandered wherever he wanted and the group simply followed him. The vast expanse of the wastelands were much the same everywhere. Nothing but dull grey, desolate dust and rock for as far as the eye could see in all directions. Barely enough water to drink, and nothing but the few scraggly lichens and small beatles to eat.

That never bothered the Wise One though, for he never ate anything, never slept, and never drank so much as a drop of water. His blonde hair never grew longer, his glasses never so much as scratched, his clothing from his top hat to his black shoes never showed a single rip or tear, and for as long as anyone knew him, he had never aged a day.

He was always distant however, spending nearly all his time simply staring off into the horizon as if looking for something dear that he had lost and had yet to find. The only time he talked was when they group passed the great mounds that broke up the monotony of the wastes. Then, he would sit with them as they huddled together for warmth and tell them stories.

"They are giants," he would say, gesturing to the mounds. "Locked in a deep slumber till the next era comes. Then they will awaken and begin shaping the planet to their whims and fill the world with life once again." When they asked him how he knew these things, he would just smile. It was a sad smile, the smile of one remembering happier times that have long past. "I used to ride along on their heads," he would say. "an ambassador between them and humanity. A reason for such great gods to care for all us little humans scurrying around below them. Mark my words though, they will wake up again one day. They are only sleeping after all."

And everyone would nod to each other, each wondering if he was blessed with divine revelation or just crazy, and when the sun finally rose the group would be off into the wastes, putting the sleeping giant behind them.
One day, when they had just caught sight of the giant blue mountain over the horizon, there was a rumble. A tremor through the earth as if the planet itself was waking up.

Then the blue mountain moved. Tiny legs stretched out from under it, lifting the giant blue shell off the ground. The earth shook as it turned around, bringing two glowing green eyes around to look at our little group. The wise one fell to his knees, and everyone was shocked to see tears fall from his eyes. Not tears of sorrow, but tears of relief, like someone who is once again meeting a precious friend they never thought they would see again.
The giant lifted one great clawed arm, and smote the earth with such force that the ground bent and cracked. Water flowed from the cracks, more water than any of us had ever seen, filling the depression to the brim.

The earth shook again. Another giant, this one made of wood and green leaves, strode over the horizon. It gazed out over the lake, then raised its arms. Green lichen of a kind we had never before seen, burst from the ground in such abundance as to cover the grey ground entirely. Some continued growing, reaching for the sky until they towered over our heads.

"Trees! Grass!" Sobbed the Wise One. "I'd never thought I'd miss trees and grass."

He pushed himself to his feet and headed off towards the water, walking as if he were in some kind of daze. We followed after him until he came to a stop at the feet of the great green and wood giant. The giant turned, surveying all of us with its glowing green eyes. It raised a hand and from the earth below us sprang a small bush with tiny blue fruit growing from its branches.

The Wise One reached forward and plucked a few fruit from the branches, popping them into his mouth. He chewed eagerly, letting blue juice run down his chin.

We all stood there in shock. We had never seen him eat anything before today. "What is it?" one of us finally ventured to ask.

He smiled at us, a smile of happiness and joy which we had never seen on his face before.


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Re: A Short Story

Post by Touriste » Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:51 am

The life in the wastelands are really inspiring !
Nice story :)
One thing however :
At the beginning, you speak of the group of wanderers using "their" :
Feneris wrote:He had been a part of their small group of wanderers
And then, near the end you use :
Feneris wrote:walking as if he were in some kind of daze. We followed after him until he came to a stop
Why "We" ? :D

Will you do another one ? :)

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