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Reus: A Story

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:11 pm
by Paradoxfiasco
Hello all. This is my first post here, but I have been enjoying Reus a great deal. Even if I don't get to the more difficult developments or have a set build/ambassador order, it's a fun way to spend up to 2 hours.

I decided I would play a small 1 hour game and document the events as they transpired. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed playing it. I know it is quite wordy, so I apologise.

Reus: A Story

I have awakened! This world of mine isn't much to look at, and yet still there seem to be humans looking for a place to live. Let's hope they're not too picky.

Some quick terraforming later, and we have something resembling a planet!

Now to entice those humans to settle. After a quick think, I come to the realisation, who doesn't like blueberries? And ye, as I speak so shall it be done. Lured by the tangy taste of naturla treats, we have our first village. They have crowned this village 'Frostpath'. Despite the lack of frost. Or paths. Perhaps they know something I don't.

Shortly after setting up shop in the lush forest of my creation, the decide to get to work on a granary. Given the veritable bounty of blueberries and strawberries I have furnished them with they have wisely chosen to become a herbalist community. I reward them with further bushes of tasty treats! It doesn't take long for the fine people of Frostpath to take advantage of all I have to offer. The granary is complete and one of their tribe wants to join my giants as an ambassador! I permit her to stand on the shoulers of my forest giant. After all, he did all the work, and due to his tireless strawberry creation we have a second troupe of nomads looking for a place to call home!

Despite all of my planetary intuition telling me a swamp is a terrible place to live, I quickly find myself surprised to find the new arrivals calling one home. Despite the peppermint I have provided, in the hopes of creating Pepperville, they have decided to go with the name 'Warborough'. I'm sure it's just an ironic name.

Warborough immediatly began work on a toolshop to cement their place as the industrial capital of this planet. They requested minerals, and lots of them. Despite me not having placed any minerals previously. These truely are an enlightened people, to wish for something they had no concept of existing before this point. I provide them with what they ask, and pop a few minerals down elsewhere to bring further people to this place. It doesn't take long before fresh faces appear and 'Greentown' is settled. Since they are in a desert I can only assume they are some kind of pagan cult dedicated to the colour green and it's advancement on this planet. I'm watching you.

It has been a little while, I have allowed the various villages and towns progress. I have given them what they have asked for and in return my giants now roam the land with their heads adorned in the latest human jewelry. The swamp giant, who I have chistened 'Tom' can make herbs and animals of a greater caliber! The same applies for the giant of stone (Bob) and his lustruous minerals!

I had also forgiven Greentown and their green loving ways and figured that the desert could be lonely, having lured them in some nice new neighbours who sustain themselves on an unhealthy diet of Aloe Vera and desert turtles. They named themselves Marvelwood, to which I replied with 'this is in fact a desert' but I don't think they were listening to me. They also asked for assistance in building themselves a nice new geologist. I was happy to help, but it turns out they couldn't be bothered to move their borders to encompass a nearby mountain which was required. Their friends the green lovers had no such problem and beat them to it.

On the other side of the planet, Bill the forest guy has been furnishing Frostpath with a bounty of pears, their lands now covered in the juicy green fruit. They built a plantation with which to take advantage of this. Warborough have continued to prove they were just joking when they named themselves after conflict and seem content to mine onyx each and every day. I'm proud of them.

A few days later and it turns out I spoke to soon. Warborough only wanted help with an observatory, a few minerals, fish and herbs later and they're on their way to destroy Frostpath! What did the fruit loving people of that coastal town do to you, Warborough?! This is no way for men of science to act! I quickly sent Tom and Bob to the scene. Between punching them in their face and throwing giant poop, I think they'll think long and hard before trying that again.

The unthinkable! I was right in saying they would no longer attack Frostpath, but it turns out they are not above throwing spears at Bill! Possibly hopeful that they can get to the sweet fruity treats within, Bill has had to run to a nearby desert. Tom and Bob are once again, not happy. Let the face punching begin!

Good luck with the observatory guys, I hope you can find another planet that'll take you because Bill, Bob, Tom and Fred are just about sick of beating you into submission.

After 'helping' Warborough I didn't have much energy left, there was so much left to do! Teach my giants, explain the difference between a wood and a desert, give them more colours to perhaps praise! A shame then that it must end so soon. I focus all of my remaining energy into helping the peace loving berry pickers of Frostpath in building a hospital. Though I couldn't see it to completion, I am sure they will take my lead and continue to love each other. Unless Warborough decide to pay a visit again.

Yet, I must leave this planet to it's own devices. I leave it not as I had found it, and hopefully for the better! Perhaps I should have destroyed Warborough when I had the chance, but that is not my way. I can provide for these people, I can help them grow and learn. Utter destruction is not my place, I am only as powerful as the giants I have set forth. I am only Reus.


Thank you for sticking with it this far if you did. As a matter of note, after taking my last screenshot and waiting for the time to run down and the giants to sleep, Warborough did indeed attack Frostpath again and at the same time, Greentown set upon Marvelwood, possibly in an attempt to spread the glory of the colour green.

Thanks for your time, and keep making those wondorous planets!

Re: Reus: A Story

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 2:46 pm
by Touriste
Nice story, maybe a little too wordy ahah.
Moved to Ideas & Fan Work.

Re: Reus: A Story

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 2:56 pm
by Adriaan
Hahaha I LOVED it! Especially how you take in account how silly the humans are :D

Re: Reus: A Story

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:05 pm
by Paradoxfiasco
Thanks for reading it guys. Glad you enjoyed it! I could do it all again and who knows what I'd end up with. That's half the wonder of Reus!