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Improved wars

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Improved wars

Post by Blackhammer » Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:10 pm

So the thing is, after a village destroys it's neighbour usually another village pops up, and this cycle goes on and on, unless you intervene in some way. Right now wars are pointless from the Reus human's point of view. Literally pointless, as they can't gain any ground nor loot. That's just not the way it should be.
I have an idea to counter this that I think wouldn't require much new code:

After a village is destroyed by another tribe, ruins appear that block that and nearby spots for nomads for a certain amount of time for example 10 minutes (this would allow the attacking village to "conquer" new territory)
A village that destroys another village gains a temporary massive boost to it's growing speed, expanding 3-4 tiles of ground into the direction where the destroyed village was placed (they would also "conquer" ruins but no natural sources/projects could be placed on those tiles untill all ruins decay).

Let me know if you like my idea of improving wars :)

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