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Update Ideas

Post by axe11154 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:35 am

I decided with how bad my giant ideas were too make this a update idea instead. Enjoy
Things in this idea may include
New giant
new biome
2 new kinds of villages
Updates to the planet

Ice Giant:Just beating a dead horse by asking for this. Ok the ice giant has some basic powers but none the less helpful. Here just some abilities id like to see him do.
Pole Launch:Creates 2 icy areas across from each other on the planet. By creating a pole all resources on the planet are increased by one. The Poles are icy making development hard and travel slow. All food is tremendously low here. You can only make 1 pole.
Winter calls:A Snow storm spawns over the area making villages and town slow down production giving you more time on projects and even lessens greed. It last for 1 minute so use that time to your advantage.
Ice mirror:Say you need a giant in two areas at once but your giant has to travel the world to get to the other village. The ice giant can transform himself into another giant getting his abilities and able to do his duties for 5 minutes. He can revert back at any time.
Star light:Reflecting light of the crystals on his back he creates a light show in the sky in the form of stars. Increases knowledge and curiosity. This makes villages under its glow want to build faster and increase collecting speed.

New Biome
Tundra:Tundras are cold harsh places which will rarely be inhabited by a nomad. Food is short here and plants give almost no food. Unlike all other biomes this biome has two layers. One water and one ice. The ice covers the water allowing people to live on it but also allows for double resources that can be collected.

New Villages
Tundra People:Small tribe like village who only take up 3 blocks unlike most who take 5. They focus on Crystal minerals and animal food. This means unlike other villages who focus on food or minerals they will only collect a certain type of food and mineral. If the food or mineral isnt a crystal or animal they will avoid it unless it gives additional benefits like technology. Unlike other villages this village is extremely offended if another villages boarder crosses theirs (In other words the boarder towers pass theirs) and will go to war with them.

Mountain people:Small monk temple only taking up 2 squares. They focus on plants for food and metal minerals.
Unlike other villages they are extremely peaceful and will keep boarders small. They will allow other villages to grow their boarders into theirs and if their boarders are completely developed by a single tribe their resources will count as the villages resources.

Planet updates
Battles vs wars:This will introduce battles. When a war starts the two villages involved will send out their armies to the boarders and will march toward each other where they will battle. Every battle lost will decrease the villages boarder toward the winning village and the winner gets a increased one. Every battle won will show up under a black medal as a small blue medal with a number next to it counting the battles. Once the war is won the two villages will sign a peace treaty (Which you get too read) and will agree to a settlement (Note a war wont end till a peace treaty is signed and can take many battles or just one). The peace treaty will often increase the winners boarder or force the looser to give up collected resources. If the looser looses all of its land on the side of the attacker they will give up their village to the winner turning them into a country with the winner the capital increasing the countries wealth through taxes and military size. Loosers will get a blue war medal.

Trade:If 2 villages that neighbor each other stay peaceful long enough they will start trading. This increases the villages supply by ten depending on the highest supply of their trade partner and increases by ten for every developmental level of their trade partner. Trade partners will help each other during war often sending their army to join the in war army when a battle begins.

Thats it for now, hope you like the changes to the thread and new ideas.
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Re: New Giant Ideas

Post by Rapier » Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:50 pm

I was surprised at the lack of an ice/tundra biome.

I certainly think an ice giant of some kind is an obvious addition that the game should consider in future (dlc, expansion, Reus 2 - whatever). I like your idea of making it create two poles (rather than just creating an ice zone) - and thus creating an equator as well.

Then you could have have a warm/cold mechanic of some kind. (possibly working as you suggest winter does) It depends how detailed you want to get really - you could just have ice zones at the poles. Or you could make it so that other zones near the poles change. (For example Tagia forest near the pole - Jungle if near the equator). That depends how much time and development they want to put into it.

I don't really like the idea of the ice giant being trapped by deserts though - maybe have him take damage in deserts (and heal in snow?). I don't think your snow storm mechanic works in the game either - it's not really about having lean times and good times, it's just about maximizing yield. I think your idea of food yields decreasing but another effect increasing (more hit points I guess is your suggestion? But I wouldn't go with that myself) is a better way to do it.

I don't really like your other two giants. Rock giant can already make seismic activity - while I could foresee a future for an ice biome I don't think a volcanic one would work. If you really want this it might be better as an "upgrade" that rock giant can get.

I don't see any value to a day/night cycle mechanically - and I don't think the space giant fits thematically.

Similarly I don't like the idea of the human giants. (I do like the idea of natural disasters like plague, but I'd not implement it with new giants).

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Re: New Giant Ideas

Post by ZenithRising » Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:34 pm

The idea of some sort of night/day and seasonal mechanics is a good one for a sequel or DLC. It would fit the existing style of the game well, and allow for many more symbioses and other mechanics.

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Re: New Giant Ideas

Post by RockBiter » Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:11 am

Aside from an Ice Giant that other people have suggested, which I like, I would like to see a Sky Giant which places birds and possibly causes weather, which can do something different in each biome, blizzards in the ice Giant's biome, typhoons over the ocean, rainfall in the dessert, I don't know which for the rest or what each should do gameplay-wise. For animals it could place seagulls(bonus for each food on the patch) pelicans and albatross (awe) for the ocean, penguins in the ice biome, sparrows then eagles in the forest, and so on.
Now I had an interesting idea about the birds. I'm sure it won't be easy to implement and balance though so take it with a grain of salt, but perhaps they could be placed over top of things, so they can share the same patch. Like I said it would be hard to balance. They would have to give less resources, perhaps solely awe or bonuses to whatever they are over top of, and less aspect slots.

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Re: New Giant Ideas

Post by RockBiter » Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:27 pm

Actually, thinking about it a bit more, placing more than one thing on a square is probably too much work to balance. Perhaps instead birds have an increased range compared to other animals in exchange for the above limitations af less providing less resources.
Though I like the idea of adding new giants (excepting any kind of Death Giant) I do feel like four is the ideal number. Any more might require a bit too much micromanagement for the player. But I'm sure there could be a way around that. Perhaps if the giant's abilities were made more redundant there could be six or eight and each game you could choose four. That would make each game even more different from the last. It would also mean that certain things would be impossible to place without certain giants, and would require a reshuffling of giant's abilities so that it is easier to do more things with each possible giant combination. (For example, breaking the Stone Giant's monopoly on minerals)

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Re: Update Ideas

Post by axe11154 » Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:12 pm

I edited the thread a little.
Kept the icegiant but thats it.

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