Titans vs Giants. Multiplayer idea

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Titans vs Giants. Multiplayer idea

Post by axe11154 » Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:54 am

Heres an idea for multiplayer. Titans vs Giants
the basic goal is there are two players, one giants and one titans. The giants job is to keep peace and greed down while the titans is to increase greed and violence. The Giants win when the Titans all die while the titans win when the giants all die.

New Giant
Ice Giant:Just beating a dead horse by asking for this. Just to clear the air no he is not limited in multiplayer and you will see him in single. Ok the ice giant has some basic powers but none the less helpful. Here just some abilities id like to see him do.
Pole Launch:Creates 2 icy areas across from each other on the planet. By creating a pole all resources on the planet are increased by one. Poles can be inhabited by humans. Humans who settle here are more focused on food collecting then anything so they are the slowest in projects, slowest in greed rise, and slowest at evolving their settlements.
Winter calls:A Snow storm spawns over the area making villages and town slow down production giving you more time on projects and even lessens greed. it last for 2 minutes so use that time to your advantage.
Ice mirror:Say you need a giant in two areas at once but your giant has to travel the world to get to the other village. The ice giant and transform himself into another giant getting his abilities and able to do his duties for 5 minutes. He can revert back at any time.
Frozen growth:Freezes over a selected ocean or mountain for a time. This allows villagers to cross it faster and expansion of a village happens a little faster over the water. You can even make it permanent by doing it twice allowing for nomading monk (Peaceful and rarely greedy their boarders never grow but they build large walls to keep invaders out. they are the one people who will not turn on the giants even with full greed but they are a target to every one).

Titans:Gods of destruction these gods are played by the second player. They were at one time giants them selves long ago but stopped doing their duties in order too make the people fear and worship them. They wish to turn the humans against the giants and rule as gods instead of watch and help like them. They arnt as strong as Giants but can do some good damage.
Fire:The Titan of fire is the meanest of the titans. He has many powers of life and destruction but he would rather see the world burn then spring with life.
Burning mountain: Turns a mountain into a volcano. A volcano starts out small and will slowly grow till it is large. If a village was settles close to a volcano they have a chance of thinking of it as a god and will start worshiping it. The Ice giant can cap the volcano delaying its eruption day making it take longer but the eruption will instead be a explosion, destroying the mountain and turning areas around into waste. The Mountain Giant can cover any villages in the radius to protect them, keeping that area fresh and not wasted.
Star Light:Creates fake stars in the sky above an area for a time. Humans will see this as a message and will start following titans slowly. The Swamp giant can make the stars a red color tricking the humans into thinking their evil and will lowly start to hate the titans.
Summer heat:Melts ice areas sinking frozen lake town and hurts mountain towns a bit.

Wind:The greediest of the titan he wants all humans to worship him. he is a creative titan often helping life making him the least titan of the titans.
Rain:Creates a light storm allowing for rain to cover a area for a short time. Doing this above a desert town will make it appropriate the titans a little more each time and grow greedy as well. This can also help forest towns and swamp but wont be as beneficial.
Storming brood: Upgrades rain clouds into storm clouds and if done again into a Hurricane. These do damage to towns and make them fear the giants and titans.
Sea change:Blows a strong wind onto the sea creating waves. Any towns in the splash zone will be harmed,

(Going to be gone a short while. Please speak your mind about whats up already and enjoy)

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