Well done on a great game: and here are some suggestions

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Well done on a great game: and here are some suggestions

Post by thesniperdevil » Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:06 pm

Firstly, well done on a surprisingly captivating game! I got this off the steam sale and thought it looked like a one day game, but I've sunk more hours into this than I have Anno2070! Keep up the good work, it's great to see you guys still working on this (but as a fellow games industry person, set yourself a target which represents when you are finished on this project- so that you can beast it on a new one!)

Here are some ideas of mine:

1. add a game mode "quick match":
- It gives you a preset world (randomly generated) and the giants have their terraform abilities disabled (create swamp/forest etc).
- Abilities are unlocked as usual (getting ambassadors) but once unlocked are immediately level 3.
- The level ends after 30 minutes and the prosperity score goes to a leaderboard.
- Have this unblocked at a point you consider "nearing end game"

Hopefully the random world will help provide challenge but giving the player all the tools they might need to overcome them: having the need for ambassadors to unlock abilities should keep things a little interesting!

2. Don't add new giants or resources: you have the balance pretty good right now, adding a new giant will really add a new level of complexity, and potentially make a lot of things obsolete.

3. Customisable buttons: Let peopel choose the keyboard shortcuts they want to use. this should appease WASD users :)

4.More interaction between villages: War is good, but it would eb cool to see resource raids, resource destruction, alliances, trading and other "non controllable" aspects that give them a life of their own!

5. When something requires "1 greater X Aspect" it would be cool if having "two potent X aspect" would unlock it. I find the upper tiers a little to hard to get, THe choice of getting them early on is balanced out by the fact I have taken up an extra aspect slot.

6. Visual updates: it would be cool if villages looked more modern as they got higher prosperity, I know they already do, but more exaggeration would be cool.

That's it for now, honestly guys, fantastic game - I can see this porting to consoles very well. Kudus for doing this out of student budgets. I eagerly await the next Abbey Games, game!

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Re: Well done on a great game: and here are some suggestions

Post by Adriaan » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:56 pm

Thanks a ton for the nice words. :D To go through the list quickly:

1. We 'kind of' made this possible with the game modes that are now in beta. :) (See general forum)
2. I agree for now. ;)
3. It's a good idea (and should have been there in the first place), but it's so built in right now that it takes too much resources. We choose to spend our time on other things...;)
4. As much as I would LOVE to do this, it's not going to happen any time soon. It would be a very keen on making this a full blown super awesome well integrated feature, and it's part of the creative arsenal for when we decide to make a sequel. :)
5. It was like that before in the beta! I just had problems communicating it, and it also shifted the balance away from aspects and towards source abilities.
6. See 4 ;)

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, and I certainly hope we can pot some of those ideas up to work in great splendor! :)

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