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Barracks vs University

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Barracks vs University

Post by Mungri » Sun Oct 06, 2013 4:50 pm

Hi, I noticed that when a school is built in a village, it has a very high chance of getting a barracks upgrade, but very rarely gets university upgrades.

In one game I kept on muck bombing barracks after barracks in one village that kept spawning them until I got something else (at this point I didnt know anything about building upgrade paths, I just didnt want to destroy a neighboring village for it), and then in another game I saved a while before getting a school upgrade, and at first I got a university, but felt like reloading to see if I could get a different prestige, only to then find that I ended up getting a barracks something like 10-20 times in a row, but then finally I got a university with a better prestige (botanical nature on top of plant bonus from the school).

Though this isnt about the prestige choices, I was wondering why does the barracks get such a higher priority over the university as an upgrade to the school?

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Re: Barracks vs University

Post by TreezaT » Thu Oct 31, 2013 5:58 pm


I'm new here, but I'm a long time gamer & I <3 this game!

to answer your question, if I understand the game mechanics correctly, this is really more of a RNG situation, where it may just be the RNG gods pooping at your party while you try to get university.

personally i agree with you, i feel university and education is superior to barracks & war for a people's progression, but I'm a hippy-type, so that's to be expected. I'd rather have awe than war markers.

but i think you can either continue destroying them, or as long as your not in titan mode, save as close as you can before the upgrade, and just keep reloading until they start the right project.

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