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Komodo dragon sucks! And some more thoughts....

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:53 am
by Alplod
Here I'll present some balance issues, which came to my mind during my return to the completely awesome world of Reus)

Issues 1-3 I consider rather logical, while 4-5 are just my feelings)

1. Komodo dragon. Really, I haven't ever used it, and now I'll tell you why.

Let's see. Iguana has constant range of 5 and gives +10/+20 wealth with its symbyosis activated for great/superior iguana respectevely. Its symbiosis is nice and easy to use, since it only should be next to mineral, which is really easy to archieve.

Komodo dragon MUST be next to iguana in order to have range of 5. Moreover it has 4\8 base wealth, and +2/+4 bonus for each animal from the list: frog,poison dart frog, iguana, buffalo, otter, tapir. That means, that in order to be at least as effective as iguana, it should have at least 3 animals from the list in its range(one is definitely iguana, so 2 left). But in this case it will be hard if not impossible to fully utilise THEIR symbiosi, and that means that these animals will be there only to buff comodo dragon!

I may analise these animals in depth, but trust me, if you use komodo dragon the half of your ecosytem definitely sucks. Who needs such pain if you already have iguana, which is ok, doesn't need so much conditions to fully shine and doesn't spoil your ecosystem?

My resolution: you should buff komodo dragon to infinity and beyond, giving it like 6/12 base and +4/+8 to both of its symbyosi, or it isn't worth anyone's time. My calculations are based on my opinion, that it should be as strong as iguana only with one activation of its symbiosys.

And yeah, I know, that its symbiosi work differently for reptiles and animals, which it is supposed to eat. But that doesn't matter if both versions suck)

2) Ocean. It is very uncomfortable, that you can't reach shark with only predator aspect. Maybe you should consider making marlin archievable through hunt AND predator aspects? If not marlin, then maybe anglerish?

3) Bull is awesome! It really shines with aloe vera, dragonfruit... not to mention tea, which makes it OP, but not so easy to use. Shouldn't you make its upgrade need 2 hunt aspects? I mean, it's as effective as any top-tier source, why not make it equivalent in this sence also?

4) Brazilwood. Here I don't have any logical arguments, but... It is definitely interesting, being the only plant, which gives decent amount of wealth by itself, without help of minerals, but it stll seems redundant to me. Maybe I'm just using it wrong, maybe it needs its wealth bonus to be stackable 4 times, to let player choose, either to make animals close to it and have tech, or just make a brazilforest and have more wealth? Versatility is always interesting)

5) Crocodile? I use it cause I like the animal, but still... it needs like 10 more to each of its symbyosi IMHO)

Re: Komodo dragon sucks! And some more thoughts....

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:13 am
by Adriaan
Hey Alpod!

I think you're right on everything (maybe Brazilwood is a bit debatable). I'll see what I can do in the coming month. The problem though, is that our translations have the symbioses and values hardcopied in it. Which sucks, because I might need some translation help to make it happen. I'll see what I can do!

Re: Komodo dragon sucks! And some more thoughts....

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:24 pm
by Alplod
I see the problem. Anyway, it's nice, that you agree, which means such issues may be fixed one day)))

Re: Komodo dragon sucks! And some more thoughts....

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 6:50 pm
by Alplod
Btw, now I see why the bull needs only 1 sublime aspect. That's cause it transmutes from superior goat and thus there're only 3 spare aspect slots. So my critisism here was not right)