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Top Scores

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Re: Top Scores

Post by JInFi » Thu May 23, 2013 12:26 pm

yeah, i think we severely underestimated water village play during beta ;_;

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Re: Top Scores

Post by Adriaan » Thu May 23, 2013 12:28 pm

Shadowfox wrote:
Adriaan wrote: That's it. I'm going to destroy the mackerel.

Water worlds are awesome, save the mackerels!
Hahaha that's hilarious! XD

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Re: Top Scores

Post by gnackwatschn » Thu May 23, 2013 3:27 pm

Ahenian wrote:Here's my latest game:

120 min, 19844 prosperity

Score screen:


Unfortunately I lost one village to wars and its projects along with it, that could have been an additional 1-2k prosperity.
can you give us more details about the built? wich fish placement did you use? ..thats realy insane

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Re: Top Scores

Post by puke » Thu May 23, 2013 6:25 pm

Adriaan wrote: That's it. I'm going to destroy the mackerel.
I don't think they're really that unbalanced. You can get a really high score if you focus on only building villages that give bonuses to them, but what kind of world do you have then?

its basically worth playing that world once for the novelty, its not like it spoils every game or even really helps you that much for regular maps where you're trying to obtain more diversity and meet other goals.

What i *would* change though, is some of the achievements -- specifically the "only plants and animals" type achievements. I've been able to hit multiple of them with fishing by only using animals, and this deprives me of using plant strategies.

I think those achievements should require that you use BOTH plants AND animals, or whatever the requirements are. It can still be gamed, but people might try a little harder to get a balance if they were pushed to.

Also, aquatic plants would be nice.

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Re: Top Scores

Post by Shadowfox » Thu May 23, 2013 7:44 pm

120 min - Score 15950 - 7 Villages

Wanted to see how 7 villages would go, not as good as I thought.

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Re: Top Scores

Post by EatingBurger » Thu May 23, 2013 8:04 pm

JInFi wrote:yeah, i think we severely underestimated water village play during beta ;_;
5x2+1 squares = 11 square coverage
8 base food; 11x8 = 88. Most superior tier-1 resources give ~60 at max symbiosis, so they're already beating most tier-1's.

Now, add boosts.
3x3food boost over 11 squares:
88 + 11(9) = 187 food

Is this overpowered? ...Probably. Some resources at the 4-ambassador level give ~400+ resources at max symbiosis, but tier-1's can't come close to this resource output.

Is it too "easy" for its benefit? ...Yes. It's a really flexible symbiosis, and by far the best tier-1 choice.

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Re: Top Scores

Post by Kalil » Thu May 23, 2013 9:09 pm

It's not very high (7153), but it's my first go at 120 minute. Learned a lot. Unlocked everything I'd wanted to. ... =147149027

Ahenian: How did you get your desert ambassadors? Did you start with desert towns, then annihilate them and terraform to ocean?

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Re: Top Scores

Post by Ahenian » Thu May 23, 2013 11:16 pm

gnackwatschn wrote:can you give us more details about the built? wich fish placement did you use? ..thats realy insane
Ultimately it boiled down to anglerfish + mackerel placement. I used the harbor bonus in all 6 villages which gives +1/+2/+3 to all mackerels globally and I focused on the +5 wealth/+5 tech lighthouse with +50 wealth per anglerfish stacking 3 times. In the end I basically had mackerel - anglerfish - mackerel - anglerfish for every single patch across the globe except few which I put marlin just to activate the island town +75/+75 bonus. I didn't know about the plentiful sea island town specialization in advance because it is not in the wiki, if I'd known about it in advance I would have probably destroyed most of the island towns in hopes of getting more of those (it gives +10 food per +1 food in neighboring patches to the island town, I got like +840 food from one island town surrounded by mackerels) . With some more optimization I could probably reach 21-25k prosperity with the same tactic if I did it again. I also tried to use danger as much as possible to control greed, some of those villages had upwards of 200+ danger to control them.
Kalil wrote:Ahenian: How did you get your desert ambassadors? Did you start with desert towns, then annihilate them and terraform to ocean?
I simply made 6 desert towns and destroyed them to acquire the necessary ambassadors before turning the whole world into sea and focusing purely on swamp/forest camps, the fun part lies in the fact that when the village is forced into sea projects it does not matter whether it is a swamp or forest village, it will construct it regardless. This gives you control over what kind of ambassadors you want, do note that changing from forest into swamp or other way around, you destroy the harbor if you include it within the change radius, same probably applies for lighthouse/island town in progress, so you cannot change between forest/swamp completely freely if the projects are on different sides of the village.

The ambassador setup I used it the following:

Sea D - S - S - S
Forest D - D - S - S
Rock D - F - F - F
Swamp D - D - S - S

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Re: Top Scores

Post by Dunam » Fri May 24, 2013 12:43 am

Ahenian wrote:*awesome strat*

That's really quite something Ahenian. Very cool.

I played my first 120 min tonight and I got 10968.

I had 6 towns, 3 deserts, 3 swamps. Early on, I had a single forest village. After it gave me the two forest ambassadors I needed, I changed it into a swamp, projects and all. Nifty trick.

Although the mackarel strategy is really powerful right now, I also believe we just haven't found the powerful other ones yet. The mackarel / island strategy works because it's effective, but most of all, predictable. It's because you can force the path of the projects.

If I could force an observatory.... (the bonuses of its upgrade, the laboratory are insane!)


Again if I wish I could take a screenshot, but I got some amazing prosperity from:

Tea leaves / tea leaves / diamond / panda/ tea leaves/ tea leaves.

The panda had 27 food, 69 wealth with 2 range.

5x (27+69) = 480 prosperity from the panda.
The tea leaves are 250 tech per space.
The diamond gets 429 wealth


To get the average per square of this mountain region:
480+4*250+429 = 318 (rounded down)

This shows its stronger than the mackarel on a per square prosperity, by about a factor 1.6
Is it in practice? Try it out.

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Re: Top Scores

Post by ollj » Fri May 24, 2013 1:18 am

4 cities survived 2 hours with 5679. Im still new to the game and this round unlocked me 6 things at once, including whales and sharks. Being my first game with more than 3000 points it also achieved "grand era" "great era" and "superior developement" in one. This was a big step, dobling my score of the previous game.

But it was brutal because it lacked some upgrades and a good plan besides "lets focus on technology this time"

This world was dominated by gold, diamond and aluminium, causing endless wars of armies over 600 soldiers per city even during endless greed-punishments, because the ability to upgrade to more peacefull paths came too late to be useful and the only usefull animals where Buffalos and various fishes. There was never much food except for one city somehow managing to upgrade a lighthouse up to "plentiful sea", doubling the cities food supply. 2 more peaceful cities with more Awe didnt last till the end in this hostile environment, because they got attacked from 2 sides at once at one point. So at one point i was all like, meh, lets ballance the wealth and tech from mines as good as possible and keep the greed going.

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