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Top Score Strategies

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Re: Top Score Strategies

Post by Rabbit » Fri May 31, 2013 6:56 am

It was requested that I share how I got my high scores, alas it's really not that interesting, but here goes anyway --
Edit: These tips are no longer completely accurate, as the patch has changed a lot of things. Mainly, the use of coal and mackerel. Mackerel are to be avoided now, upgrading them into seabass or other fish. Coal can be replaced with pandas (with a little landscaping planning) which are much easier to get, freeing you up to try other builds on your ocean giant.

I dislike the options available with the ocean biome (especially without the hunt aspect), so I put only the two oceans required to cover about 2/3 of the world with grass and swamp, and turn the rest into desert. I don't use mountains either unless forced to by projects or symbiosis, if you raise a mountain only a little and move the giant, you can get deserts without creating mountain tiles.

Edit: With the new patch, there are new mountain projects that are so powerful that it's worth losing a few tiles to mountain patches. Having a mountain next to each desert town and "suggesting" the town builds it's first project on it (by leaving that mountain tile empty, and placing something on the town's other side) makes for insanely fast early growth. (+25 food or gold per town x6 towns is 150 prosperity without even considering the other patches in the borders, upgraded mountain lodges can gain +25 food AND gold, or +1 food and science per natura in borders) You're stuck with that mountain though, because if you ever lower it the project will be destroyed. This includes even using the ocean giant to punish a town if the projected ocean touches the mountain tile with the project.

I force towns to have one side pressed up against each edge of the ocean (place a fish in the ocean 4 patches from the edge) so they are really close, and fill the fish with parrot fish and mackerel, decking them out with danger. Because the towns are closest with their friends across the ocean, almost all armies are sent through the sea of danger helping them survive the wars.

In every game, I grab F/S/F/F on the forest giant. early fruit is my favourite way to get a large amount of food quickly in each town, and the leaf is how I get my tech. once maxed, sunflowers + orange trees is how I feed every town (except the deserts, food is difficult there, mostly I use date palms around animals). The parrot fish and a couple of onyx near the sunflowers round out the wealth stat, In the 120 min game the onyx is replaced by coal. Max crystal on the ocean giant for the long game but I didn't bother with coal on the shorter ones. I generally replace most swampland with grass when i get access to orange trees and sunflowers as that combination beats anything the swamp specific sources can offer.

The trick to the high scores really amounts to nothing interesting. Just have to keep all the giants active, making sure each town has room for growth at all times. If you see a town with a stat filled out, do what you can to fix that right away as that is lost potential. Don't spend a couple minutes on a town giving it +300 food or something, give it 50 and move on to the next. Plan out which advisors you want first and make sure you get them in that order or close to it. You can leave unwanted advisors in town if you are waiting for something else first.

If I was unclear about anything or left out a part that you were interested in knowing, feel free to let me know and I'll gladly help where I can.

Here's a picture of my 120 min end game world, You can see all the orange trees and sunflowers, the ocean is pure mackerel at the end to help spread danger, and there is 1 coal in every town.
Final 120.jpg
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Re: Top Score Strategies

Post by VDZ » Fri May 31, 2013 2:50 pm

My strategy wasn't all that interesting: Just an ocean world with 7 villages, lots of Mackarel symbiosis. Also a couple Anglerfish, some of which were replaced by White Sharks by the end of the game. My "trick" is for the ocean, swamp and rock giant to simply never be idle. (Forest giant did practically nothing, without Desert he can't do Fertility above level 1, and he's otherwise completely useless on a full-ocean world.) This is also the reason why my game took 5.5 hours for a 1-hour game; constant pausing and making sure every useful giant is doing something.

I also completely ignore greed, which has both advantages (really quick growth) and disadvantages (wars and giant attacks). My 1-hour game was especially bad, and I had to sacrifice two villages because I just couldn't resolve the conflicts in a satisfactory way anymore. Killing armies sometimes also forces you to sacrifice some resources (Mackerel is especially vulnerable to damage).

I don't fully agree with Rabbit's comment about only adding 50 instead of 300; growth of the 'resources in use' depends on the difference between the amount currently in use and the potential amount. A village with 50/300 food in use will have amazing food growth, while a village with 50/100 food in use will raise its food in use much more slowly.

Also, the last thing 'essential to my strategy' is simply constant saving. I saved 244 times throughout my last 1-hour game; that's 4 saves per minute (average 1 per 15 seconds). This is especially essential for resolving wars and giant hunting; one miscalculation can get a village destroyed or a giant killed, so it's useful if you can revert at any time without losing any significant progress.

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