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Using aurora

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Using aurora

Post by Dunam » Sat May 25, 2013 4:57 pm

I finally figured out the details of aurora. It might be useful to you.

1. There's no rang limit. You can send it all the way across the world
2. It will boost the first giant it hits, so make sure there are no other giants between the ocean giant and its target.
3. Healing is instant
4. It has a duration longer than its cooldown so you can boost a giant two times. Maybe even three.

Healing lvl 1 is about 10%
The rock giant seems to have more health.

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Re: Using aurora

Post by ollj » Sat May 25, 2013 10:38 pm

Aurora is more ecomplex and better than that. Aurora is best used while you hve 3 giants close to the same ocean. just cast aurora on the ocean and it increases the speed of all these giants "for a while".
Yes it heals all giants except the ocean giant (who heals itself with its right-most-ability instead).

But its main function is making giants move faster and i think it even makes their skills recharge faster, too. This needs testing,

Arora has an AREA OF EFFECT range speed boost (and can be cast on any place at any time). That can add up between multiple different auroras if the speed boos is not used up in between the times where the giant enters the new auroras area of effect.
The area of effect and the speed boost depends on the biome type it is cast on. ocean makes aurora spread far over the forest and swamp around it. once a giant is in this area of effect it gets a +speed modifier.
Some skills seem to diminish the speed boost more than others.

The speed modifier doesnt just stack twice, because its duration/speed seems to increase with its skill leve (and because the speed modifier can make the ocean giant recharge faster with itself)

This can make even the rock giant move to the other side of the planet instantly as ong as it doesnt do much for a while.

The speed boost diminishes as soon as swamp giant uses muck bomb or as soon as the rock giant uses earthquake. Not sure if each skill diminieshes its speed boost differently. not sure if it diminieshes over time doing nothing, doesnt look like it.

for example if you just wait for some of the giants to recharge one of their recently used skills, keep casting aurora on a group of giants. by the time their skills are recharged they are much faster to reach any place on the planet to use it on.

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