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How to get a village past 200 prosperity?

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How to get a village past 200 prosperity?

Post by Fubbles » Sat May 25, 2013 6:31 pm

I was trying to get a picture for you guys, but print screening doesn't seem to work at all here.

Basically, I'm stuck. I haven't been able to get a single village over 250 prosperity since I started playing. Right now, the forest village I'm working on has a prosperity of 199. It has 146/170 food in use and 52/51 (the hamlet project that just started went over my herbs and is now lowering tech because of it). The hamlet being built requires 300 food, 60 wealth, and 60 tech. I have 0 wealth. The mill in my village is giving me 80 food: 45 from my 3 plots of chicken, and 35 from one plot of dandelion (though can be stacked 2 more times).

I'm wondering how to reach these goals, I have no idea how to. To the left of my village, I have in order (from left of village to border) a;

chicken providing 2 food
Apple tree providing 51 food
chicken providing 4 food
Apple tree providing 28 food
Mackerel providing 3 food

and to the right;

Hamlet project
Mill (providing 80 food; 45 via chicken stacks, 35 via dandelion)
copper giving 18 tech
copper giving 20 tech
Dandelion giving 13 tech

My question is, what can I possibly do to meet the demands of the project? I don't even know how to reach 300 food, let alone tie wealth and tech into it! I need 300 food, 60 wealth and 60 tech, but have no idea how to increase the village past what it already has!


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Re: How to get a village past 200 prosperity?

Post by justforfun » Sat May 25, 2013 6:43 pm

hmm u can tell us what did u unlocked for achievements
(at the start of the game select unlock to see - under developments )
that way i think i can plan a way ....
Each projects has different effects
lets say Hamlet
it has one of the 3 effects Burgomaster , Sheriff ,Rappresentante
for more info :
Also u can upload a picture in another website and put a link here to let us see

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Re: How to get a village past 200 prosperity?

Post by TheRobin » Sat May 25, 2013 7:06 pm

first check the available synergies of the things you put down and use them to the fullest of yur capability.

Second: Animals porvide resources per patch they have range on. so if a chicken provides 2 food and has 2 range, that covers 5 patches giving you 10 food total (so check for synergies there, if there's a +3 food synergy you'd get +15 food on top of that).

But the easiest way (especially early) I found is upgrade your giants so that they get lvl 2 (i.e. greater) natural resources (like great chicken, great appletree etc.) which usually at least provide double the amount of resources of the non-great-version.

and lastly, just add some aspects that provide bonuses. If you use an aspect that gives an animal +2 food then that's also per patch covered, which can add up too.

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Re: How to get a village past 200 prosperity?

Post by Dunam » Sat May 25, 2013 7:19 pm

If you get a hamlet project, that's a third level project. That means you completed at the very least 2 projects with the village, although I hope you have 5 or 6 ambassadors.

A giant with a second ambassador tends to get very good upgrades. If you went for food upgrades (like 2 forest ambassadors on a forest giant or two swamp ambbassadors on an ocean giant), their abilities should be able to give you the required 300 food easily.

Also, don't forget animals outside the edge of your village.

It couldn't hurt to add two more mackarel to the left of that one mackarel.

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Re: How to get a village past 200 prosperity?

Post by Touriste » Sat May 25, 2013 7:34 pm

I think your problem is that you focused on only 1 village, you can do more of them.
You should do 2 of each village in order to get a nice choice of upgrades.

Correct me if I am wrong about that.

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Re: How to get a village past 200 prosperity?

Post by ollj » Sat May 25, 2013 10:09 pm


A higher level base natural-ressource gives 2x or 4x (for level 3) as many ressources per tile and this is not affected by any aspect-chance dice-roll.
Its synergies also scale at least by 2x to 4x on a higher level base.
getting one of the 2 base-skills to level 3 should be th primary goal. not getting 2 of the giants leftmost skills to level 2. Also not gettign as many different synergies as possible is often worse than specializing on few synergies that enhance completely different things (miones/plants/animals). The flexibility of having 3 giants upgrade plants (or mines or animals) to a high level often comes at a higher cost of max-value of that item (with few exceptions were high synergies of different items gain more).


new player-tip:

give the giants the ambassadors that increase the W-key (OR E-key) aspect of it primarily. this is different for each giant so you better have a town of any type, giving you 3-7 ambassadors for each of the 3 town types type, at least at one point in time.:

The first embassador of a giant should increase one of its primary build abilities. It it cant the second one better should ! otherwise just dont use that kind of structure as much. (the ocean giant is not as important for that rule if you only have 1 or 2 small oceans)

ballance what the different giants aspects mostly gain in return while only specializing on a few aspects as much as possible:

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Re: How to get a village past 200 prosperity?

Post by ollj » Sat May 25, 2013 10:12 pm

the averabe planet has 3-6 towns at the same time. 5 towns are often harder to ballance than 4 and 6 towns barely ever make much sense beyond 90 minutes of play time, because the most efficient synergy chains are too long/complex to fit in betreen the town with all their buildigns with carying biomes.

if a town gets a nonsensical upgrade, its early in the game, the worn just spawned an ambassador and/or another towns upgrade wants this town destroyed, no not hesitate to earthquake the town.

its generrally worth it if only 2 of the 4 criteria are met. The town about to get earthquaked wasting spave and causing wars is an easy 5th reason that applies any time.

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Re: How to get a village past 200 prosperity?

Post by justforfun » Sun May 26, 2013 6:07 am

To summarise and simplified all
if u cant get past 200 prosperity within your reach as u cant get more resources
try another development that is simple to achieve
get more unlocks

From my point of view , u havnt unlock level 2 stuff yet(havnt complete a certain number of achievements )
- allows u to make greater stuff
example greater pear tree
which gives alot of food when stack each other

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