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Early, middle, and late game.

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Early, middle, and late game.

Post by painking » Mon May 27, 2013 1:22 am

As I've just unlocked 120 minute play, I'm wondering how I should play to be really effective with my villages. More specifically, regarding resource placement and optimization.
Should I be having all my resources spread our across the village or compressed into a few patches?
How do I get enough animals out there to properly manage danger, especially in a tech based village?
Late game should pretty much all my resources come from super powerful symbiosis from just a few patches given really good aspects?

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Re: Early, middle, and late game.

Post by Dunam » Mon May 27, 2013 2:13 am

You ask quite a few big questions.

You want to be more effecitve.

I think the first stage of the game is getting choosing which initial 6 ambassadors you want. Building those villages and getting them. That takes me about 16 min. The more villages the better, because it will give me more choice of projects to fulfill.

The second stage is a preperation. What projects / locations would be good to focus getting high prosperity from? Do I need to get rid of any villages? Should I do some more terraforming? Also, greed and interfighting could become an issue, so I make sure there are dangerous animals between villages that are likely to attack others. This will soften armies and make a destruction less likely. Sometimes it's hard to finish a project, so I like to have 6 villages, although 4 can be fine.

It's all about what unlocks I want to unlock. Do I need to raise a mountain last second? Remove animal sources? Etc.
After having unlocked, I see how I can get the best score instead.

There are a variety of ways to try and get prosperity and for me the trial and error was the fun part.

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Re: Early, middle, and late game.

Post by ollj » Tue May 28, 2013 6:28 pm

6-7 villages on a planet early can booost early ambassador times. 7 villages mean that you only have 2 small ocean and a lot of desert. then you just crush/drown the 2 cities that would develope the least with your ambassadors, or let the other 2 cities do the dirty work.

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