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Early/mid-game Strategies

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Early/mid-game Strategies

Post by chux » Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:06 pm

I'm sure we've all looked at the high output combinations, but on the way to unlock them I always lapse into a few habits. These are my favourite early to mid game strategies

Apple Tree - Deer - Apple Tree - Dandelion: this one always treats me well when i need food for a forest project.

Land - Clownfish - parrotfish - seabass: Good mix of wealth, tech and food for a developing island

Topaz - Dragonfruit - Musk Deer - Dragonfruit: High food + wealth output for a mountain town.

Topaz - Barrel cactus - Desert Tortoise - Rattlesnake: Well balanced one that usually serves me til 3 ambassadors or more in a desert.

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Re: Early/mid-game Strategies

Post by Rabbit » Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:46 pm

Hey Chux, here's a suggestion for your strategies --
The barrel cactus is actually quite useless, if you replace it with an aloe vera (just a potent leaf aspect instead of a normal one) as long as you have one animal in range, it will always get you the same amount of tech that the cactus will even with the symbiosis. You also get awe, an extra aspect slot, and it gets even better with more animals (your strategy has at least 2 animals in range of each cactus so if you turn those into aloe vera instead you will get a lot more out of it)

if you want to get the most prosperity out of a couple of patches, try a plum tree next to an onyx or two.
If you're really into maximizing, put that onyx next to a mountain lodge with the challenger's cave specialization, then upgrade that into a nature park with the national treasure specialization. Those few patches alone will complete pretty much any of the great projects for you.

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