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Challenge 2: Let Loose the Dogs of War!

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Challenge 2: Let Loose the Dogs of War!

Post by Mahasuchi » Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:03 am

Challenge 1 went well, but for now let's try something completely different. So here are the steps to enter our second official Reus challenge:

step 1: play a game with the following rules:
-play a 60 minute game.
-at the end of the game, you must have at least 6 villages.
-final score will be determined by the number of war marks, any ties will be broken with your total prosperity score.
step 2: Make a save game at the last minute, and make a screenshot of your score.
step 3: send an e-mail with your save game, screenshot and participation name to
step 4: wait until next week for the results. Of course, like the last challenge, you may re-submit any number of times, but only the highest score will count.

Feel free to discuss the challenge at any time and also feel free to give suggestions for any other challenge you might want to try. Everyone, good luck!

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Re: Challenge 2: Let Loose the Dogs of War!

Post by ZenithRising » Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:28 pm

Just saw this.

When is the challenge over?

Also, I may be being dumb, but this doesn't seem to be an official Abbey account posting this challenge, is this an official Abbey challenge?

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