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Game is too vague: Questions about aspects and fertilities

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Re: Game is too vague: Questions about aspects and fertiliti

Post by Pogo » Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:10 pm

I think the problem is that the game is deceptively simple at first, but once you get beyond the very basics, you find out it's extraordinarily complex. You can figure everything out via experimental play, and in other, simpler games, this is a great option. But in a game this complex, I think it's a lot of experimental play... tons of experimental play... before you're comfortable with everything.

The game is just as complex as Civilization. The difference is that Civilization has the Civilopedia... which is basically a game Wiki... but Civilopedias have been around long, LONG before Wikis...

Now, Reus has a Game Wiki, sure. The problem is, the Reus Game Wiki is not nearly as useful as the Civilopedias in Civilization are. On the Reus wiki, I have two options.

I can go to the page for a specific resource, and I can see what that resource transmutes from and into, but this page only gives me one step in either direction, and it doesn't tell me what aspects are required for these transmutes nor what terrain is required for the initial resource.


I can go to a page full of tech trees. As I'm playing the game more and getting better at memorizing what resource does what, the tech tree page is becoming more useful. The tech tree page shows me all the different ways all the resources can evolve, and has it broken down by biome and plant/animal/mineral. This is nice.

The problem is... the actual image of the tech tree is too small so I have to click it. When I click it, all I've got is an image, and it might have the name of the resources and what aspects are needed, etc., but it doesn't give me specifics about what bonuses each of the resources gets.

No matter what approach to the Wiki anyone takes, if you're looking for help developing particular aspects and details on what benefits these aspects provide, you've got to use as least two pages of the Wiki. There's no easy place to compare the benefit of choosing between Domestic Animals vs Fruit Plants, or Herbs vs Advanced Minerals, or Precious Minerals vs Exotic Animals.

Someone who knows more about the game and more about HTML and such needs to take these tech tree images and add tooltips to them. And then the resource pages need to ALL have the required tech tree to get to that particular resource.

Just for example...

The resource page for Tomato should have all of the following information.

Grows on swamp.
Transmutes from Elberberry with Lesser Leaf Aspect or better.
Transmutes from Peppermint with Lesser Growth Aspect or better.
(and should include details on exactly the food/science/natura it provides, because it's different depending on how you start)
Transmutes into White Willow with Potent Leaf Aspect or better.
Transmutes into Coffea with Greater Growth Aspect or better.
And then detail what the White Willow and Coffea can transmute into. These don't have to be prominent on the page, but the information should be there without me going to another page.

All of this information should be on the Tomato page.

Then if we go to the White Willow page, we should see very similar information. But it should just say that it transmutes from Tomato or Marsh Mallow. It should go all the way back to Elderberry/Peppermint. And it should show all three paths.
Elberberry > Tomato > White Willow
Peppermint > Tomato > White Willow
Peppermint > Marshmallow > White Willow

And of course, should also state that it transmutes up into Rubber tree, etc.

Basically, for the Wiki to be complete, in my opinion, and on par with say the Civilopedia from the Civilization games... I should be able to go to any resource page, and whether it's the top or bottom of the transmute tree, or somewhere in the middle, and I should be able to see all of my options for transmuting up into this resource, and all of my options for transmuting beyond this resource.

This way, if I need some extra food in my village, and I'm trying to decide what's going to be better for me between Animals or Plants, I can simply open up the page for say Blueberries and Chickens and then look between these two pages clicking up and down the tech tree for each to see what all of my options are. It's pretty easy to simply compare a blueberry to a chicken. But the Wiki makes it difficult to compare a Strawberry and a Deer and a Beaver and an Apple Tree and a Rabbit without opening 5 pages just to see all these resources then another 2 pages just to see the tech trees to figure out what I need to develop into.

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Re: Game is too vague: Questions about aspects and fertiliti

Post by Darkmatter » Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:41 am

Hi, I'm new to this game and have a question. I'm sure it has been asked before but I didn't see it.

I was expecting to be able to start getting "Greater" Aspect buffs with level 2 Sources and level 2 Fertility, but it seems that I can still only get Potent buffs. I find myself really stuck at a point where I hit a wall where I can't upgrade things because I either can't get Greater buffs or I can't get the upgrade anyways because I don't have that Aspect unlocked. Could someone clarify this for me and possibly give me some suggestions, which actually ties into my 2nd question?

Also, could I get some suggestions on Giant upgrade choices and good mid level ground sources combos?


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Re: Game is too vague: Questions about aspects and fertiliti

Post by Touriste » Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:38 am

Hello Darkmatter !
I think you have this issue because you also need to upgrade the skills of "aspects" on the giants :
For example, for the Forest Giant, you need 2 forest ambassadors in order to get the fruit aspect to be better

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