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What's your giants/ambassadors build order?

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What's your giants/ambassadors build order?

Post by voydangel » Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:47 am

So, I've been using what has become my standard ambassador build of

Ocean G: SSDS
Forest G: FSFF
Rock G: DSDD
Swamp G: SDFD

F=Forest, etc.

This list is in order, so, ideally, i the first ambassador i would give my forest G is a forest amb when it became available, then a swamp, then a desert, and finally another forest.

In order to facilitate my build choice and the order they need to occur in, i tend to build a world with 1 forest, 3 swamps and 2 deserts, and then after i pick up my first 6 ambassadors, i swap one of the swamps to a forest and then play the rest of the game with that biome configuration.

My milestones are to get my Forest G his 1st 2 ambassadors (F&S) 1st thing
Next milestone is to get the Swamp G his SDF.

This build is focused on 2 hour eras, and generally at about the 50 minute mark is when i am picking up my 14th ambassador, and i save my swamp and ocean giants for last since getting my rock and forest giants maxed out is more important to me. I can usually max out my last two giants by about 1:15:00 at the latest.

I'm looking for a better way, or at least viable alternatives because I'm working on getting the 60 minute challenges done and it is quite challenging for me with this build. Perhaps there is a better build more suited to 60 minute challenges? That being said, what ambassador build order/milestones do you use?

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