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Having a hard time achieving 3 war markers 60 min

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:25 am
by fpichardom
Hi, I'm trying to increase greed early in the game to start a war for the 3 war markers challenge. But I can't figure it out, I can't make them accumulate enough greed early in the game, and they only start fighting in the last 15 minutes of a 60 minutes game. I hardly get one village with only one war marker. If anyone can make suggestions I will really appreciate it.

Re: Having a hard time achieving 3 war markers 60 min

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:50 am
by Pissfer
Start hitting villages with more resources earlier, especially using the village specializations. If you get some of the good ones (like a swamp village with a tech spec for Minerals or Plants), you can skyrocket the resource so quickly.

Also, how are you playing a 6-village strategy, and if so, how long does it typically take you to get your first 6 ambassadors? Because I had a game yesterday where I got so advanced so warful so quickly that I actually destroyed two of my larger towns at about the hour mark because they were both approaching the 8 warmark "Always War" zone

Re: Having a hard time achieving 3 war markers 60 min

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:34 pm
by Pogo
Is there a particular reason you're trying to do this on 60 minutes rather than 120 minutes?

Either way, the approach I took was to just start a single village. I think I did a desert village. I spent a long time slowly developing the village and letting its borders expand. I basically just did enough to ensure I complete projects, maybe a little more. But either way, I kept their greed pretty low during this time.

Then as this village grew quite large, I simultaneously ramped up their greed and then plopped down a resource a bit outside their borders. A new village cropped up and immediately my first village went to war with them. They easily destroyed the new village. Then without doing anything else (being sure the desert village did not declare war on my giants), another nomad formed a new village in the same spot, and off to war again.

In a 2 hour play period, this initial village managed 7 war markers, and I got several unlocks in this play.

3 war marks and 200 prosperity
6 war marks
desert village over 500 prosperity
era over 1000 prosperity
village over 1000 prosperity

My desert village finished with 1100 prosperity by the end. And remember, this was my only village... I only got 3 desert ambassadors. And I didn't really have very many unlocks previous to this.

Re: Having a hard time achieving 3 war markers 60 min

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:44 pm
by Pissfer
That's a bit pointless for a 2 hour play honestly. I could achieve all of that and get the 6 villages with 500 prosperity (if I was there yet). Hell, I just would've. I had at least 8 warmarks in my last game, along with 7700 prosperity spread over 6 villages. I might've even had the 12 warmarks, because I had a couple villages that really liked to war it out.

Re: Having a hard time achieving 3 war markers 60 min

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:28 pm
by Pogo
I could quite possibly do that now as well.

But when I was working on that particular unlock, I didn't have all the unlocks I do now.

See, that's the thing about this game... the "unlocks" or the achievements that you go after will unlock resources that allow you to gain more prosperity in future plays.

See, the only unlock that requires 3 war markers is "Fiscal Military State", a level 1 unlock. I think for someone working on this unlock, it's pretty safe to assume that they've probably unlocked almost none of the level 2 or 3 unlocks, and they probably also haven't unlocked all of the level 1 unlocks.

Now that I've played the game a bit more and I have all of the level 1 unlocks, just over half the level 2 unlocks, and a few of the level 3 unlocks, I can accomplish much more in the same amount of time (and I need to in order to get the higher tier unlocks). I answered the OP's question assuming he is in a situation more similar to the one I was in when I went for the unlock, rather than assuming he's some sort of idiot that has most of the unlocks already but can't figure out how to get 3 war markers for a level 1 unlock.

And it's also possible I could have easily accomplished this in 60 minutes rather than 120 minutes. I just happened to do it on 120 minutes and focused on getting several other unlocks at the same time.

Though my personal suggestion, and the approach I take now, is to focus on one unlock at a time. I find the game more enjoyable that way... because I feel like I may get bored with the game shortly after completing every unlock.