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The Destroyer

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The Destroyer

Post by KutoLaReus » Fri Nov 22, 2013 2:02 am

June 7th, year 12. Journal of David Reinous.

Today we got word of the Swamp Giant retreating back to the West. Several of our scouts went to see what it was working on...They didn't return. Some of the local children have been telling tall tales of some massive beast trampling through the forest since the disappearance of the Swamp Giant, and part of me thinks it's not just folklore. Not only that but some of the pear trees have been found toppled over, missing all their fruit. I hate to think that the legends are true...but i have to prepare myself if it is. We may be dealing with a Great Boar...

Some of the local farmers have started talking about forming a militia, and personally i think it might be more than necessary. I've heard stories of entire villages being trampled and destroyed by such beasts across the sea, and if the stories ARE true...we may be in for the fight of our lives. I'm organizing a small rescue party for the missing scouts...but i can't lie and say that i'm not scared. If i'm completely honest...i fear for this entire village. I just hope i'm wrong...For our sake i hope i'm wrong...

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Re: The Destroyer

Post by Adriaan » Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:44 am

Hahaha! Awesome! Thanks for the nice read! Who says Reus doesn't have mythological beasts? :P

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