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Challenge #52: Charity Case

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Challenge #52: Charity Case

Post by Ullissen » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:44 pm

Challenge #52:Charity Case
Concept: Liort
Contributions from: Blackvision, Noctua_Spell, Flamestalker

Lady Vaduva glanced at the paper in her hand, noting with a carefully blank expression the figures involved, then carefully rolled it up and put a red ribbon around the expenses.

'So remember, the details for the year's expenditures are in here, along with the current investments. I'm trusting you to keep good care of them while I'm on this trip.' Hatice nodded, smiling confidently.

'Don't worry, I know how to handle money.'

'I'm counting on it. I'll see you at the awards ceremony then.'

Hatice nodded again and waved Lady Vaduva off before locking the door and rubbing her hands together eagerly. What she could make out of the Renowned Explorers funds - this was her chance to make a big impression in world - with the funds the Explorers made, she could surely monopolize industry-

She pulled the treasury box open. It was rumoured to hold the ten most precious gems in the world within it. It was said to have a king's ransom, and- and-

A rather dusty spider looked up at her from inside its web and scuttled out of the box, abandoning it to the dust and IOU papers that filled it.

Rather desperately, Hatice rifled through them, eyes going wide at the total lack of anything that resembled money or investments.

Then, hands trembling, she unrolled the yearly expenditures Lady Vaduva had passed her. The investments appeared to be made up of Earl's various failures and Jan-Piet's extensive line of Beard-Grow formulas, with Pinkerton's signature on all of them - though she began to suspect that someone else had forged it on other claim forms.

Somewhat desperately, she grabbed a clean piece of paper and began jotting down information on the expeditures to group them together. Then she paused and shifted over to the other side of the page and wrote 'Income' in large letters at the top. She looked through the papers again. Then tried some of the other boxes in the room before looking hopefully at the page that remained blank - apart from the initial title.

She was about to swear when there came a knock from the door. Pinkerton's voice sounded outside.

'Hatice? I need to go over the year's outgoings with you. Lady Vaduva said you were in charge before she headed off, but I wanted to make sure we'd have enough for that commemorative Jeweled Mammoth we're making for Pedrinho's fund-raising project to solve hunger issues in Mali. Hello? Hatice?'

Hatice remained
very still until she heard Pinkerton move away from the door. Hastily, she closed and locked the boxes round the room, scribbled 'Off on expedition! Back before the Awards' on a piece of paper and, after checking no one else was around, sticking it to the door with an arrow before heading off to find Pedrinho. She'd need help with this one - and she could say it was for his fundraiser so long as she got to handle the collection funds.

  • Collect as much gold as possible without spending it.
  • Hatice is your Captain.
  • Pedrinho must be one of your crew, and anyone can fill the final spot.
  • You must not take money from Mali as the funds should be sent there.
  • Pedrinho insists on making a high profile event - to get Platinum or Gold, you must visit a 5 star location as your final expedition and challenge a boss (You can't just leave after Oscillator on Lost Island).

Your score is your total Gold-in-hand at the end of your trip. This can be shown on the win screen's research tab.
  • BRONZE: 4000 unspent gold (1MP*)
  • SILVER: 8000 unspent gold (2MP*)
  • GOLD: 16000 unspent gold and end on a 5-star expedition (3MP*)
  • PLATINUM: 32000 unspent gold and end on a 5-star expedition (3MP+**)
* Number of medal points awarded when playing on Classic Difficulty. Easy and Normal give less, according to these rules.
** The platinum medal is extraordinary and can only be achieved on Classic or Impossible difficulty without losing. It doesn't increase Medal Points further than a Gold medal, but we will track how many you have.

How to participate
You can participate with a highscore, a story or both.

Write a story. Use the Challenge theme as an inspiration by looking at the constraints. Find other stories in the Fan Story directory or by looking at previous challenges.
Post your story in a new topic in these forums.
Also link to it to this thread with a comment: Include the first paragraph/few lines of your story in the post here to show readers what your story is about.

Play the game according to the challenge rules.
Post in this topic a screenshot of your Entourage screen on the Win screen (As this shows your unspent gold).
Please include your own calculation of your score with your screenshots.
Submit by (enter date here)
NOTE: Only one score will be accepted - only one submission for each player please. If you wish to enter a new score, please edit your initial entry and make it clear which score you are submitting. In addition, please add the text 'EditGreenlight' (one word) to ensure we can find and add your score to results with ease even if we've already taken results.
*If you forget to screenshot the Win screen, you can also enter with a screenshot of your Leaderboards: Go to Main Menu > Leaderboards > Local > click the entry that matches your submission game > screenshot those details, though you must ensure that you take the picture of your Entourage screen to show the Unspent Gold value.

To show your total gold-in-hand, you must take a screenshot of your Entourage on the win screen, as it shows the figures on there in addition to the win screen itself.

Story ideas: What did Lady Vaduva do to the funds that were in the treasury? Were there ever funds there? Does Pinkerton have any other plans for the money, or who was behind the (supposedly) forged signatures? What funds can the adventurers raise in such a short time, and what kind of chances are involved?

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