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Advent Puzzle 14 Solved! Cryptic Clue Unlocked!

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Advent Puzzle 14 Solved! Cryptic Clue Unlocked!

Post by Blackvision » Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:04 pm

Hatice's eyes moved over the array of numbers in front of her while Chairman Pinkerton looked on with worry.

'Hmm, the inflation on the international market accounts for the extra income here, and the taxes have increased on all produce going through European transport, so that means...' She traced her finger across the papers, then tapped it.

'Here. That's where the 'Diposable hats fund has gone.' Pinkerton leaned forwards, frowning. 'But I thought-'

Hatice shook her head. ''Trust me, that's to blame.' Pinkerton scratched his head, sighed, then nodded too. 'Fine, fine - here, take this over to Lady Vaduva and she can action it - and look into sorting out something to pay your sister back.

Hatice took it and hurried to Lady Vaduva's office. Lady Vaduva herself looked up, surprised. 'Oh, Hatice. Strange. Had this delivered just now - strict instructions that the next Explorer to come calling should receive it.'

She passed Hatice a blank envelope. Hatice handed over the Chairman's instructions and looked at the envelope. It had been sealed securely, a single sentance printed carefully on the front: 'For those who know their numbers.'

Curious, she opened it: 'Challenge puzzle 14: Hatice's Challenge'.

Puzzle:Beware the number of the Andes! 21+18+3+21+3+8+9+12+12+1+25

This puzzle has been solved by the community and the Cryptic Clue unlocked (highlight below to reveal the solution and cryptic clue):

Solution: Urcuchillay, or Urquchillay

Cryptic Clue: Urcaguary

This puzzle has no picture requirement - just submit your answer in spoilers (though you can get a picture in as well if you prefer, or for the bonus/cryptic)

A complete submission will include:
  • Your answer for the puzzle in text matching the in-game solution
Bonus point: Include a picture with your answer that shows Hatice and an object matching the in-game solution. (You will require the More To Explore to get the image solution for this)

Additional Secret: For a (minor) cryptic clue towards the grand challenge, the community must show 6 or more bonus-earning solutions.

Deadline: Wednesday 21st December 12:00 noon CET

Spoilers: You may wish to use spoilers so that other players can choose if they wish to know the answer while the puzzle is up or not. To do so, copy this:

(color=#E1EBF2)*Your answer here*(/color)

and change the ( and ) for [ and ]

Steam forum link: ... 351896950/ for full results and details of discussion

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