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Advent Puzzle 18 Submitted! Grand Challenge Clue remains locked

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Advent Puzzle 18 Submitted! Grand Challenge Clue remains locked

Post by Blackvision » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:52 pm

Kiwi dashed along the perimeter of the Renowned Explorers' headquarters, leaped up to the outer wall and hastened along it before changing track and making a route across the gardens. Every morning she was the earliest up and about, and she liked a morning dash to get started.

That and it kept the complaints about her being active to a minimum - not that she cared
that much, but she had to admit that Pinkerton's threats that he'd send her somewhere as dull for her next expedition were a concern.

However, it didn't matter now - and even Kiwi was surprised when she rounded the corner of the grand hall and saw what was happening there.

The usually quiet - at this time of day - entrance to the great hall was being assaulted by a flock of gulls. They circled and cawed threats at one another - and, indeed, at everyone else. Kiwi spotted Emilia peering out at them, and several other faces in the windows.

Thoughtfully, she reached for her sling. Too good an opportunity to miss, after all- and no one would berate her for clearing them out of the great hall, surely? Before she could pick a target though, the hall door opened as someone made the mistake of looking outside - only to be swarmed by the gulls; fighting one another to be first inside. On reaching the- now wide-open doors- she watched in fascination as all of the gulls swarmed on top of the furniture within, dropping papers as the messenger gulls were supposed to, then heading off, still cawing grumpily to one another.

Kiwi eyed the mass of papers, then reached out and grabbed one, opening it up. She checked a second, but it appeared that they were all the same: 'Challenge 18: Crew's Challenge'.

Event: No puzzles for today - just prove that the crew is as important as the captain for successful explorations and you'll earn your contribution.

The Event was completed by seven community members and 9 crew members fulfilled the requirements requested. The Grand Challenge Clue requirements were not met, however, so this will remain hidden until unlocked through other means or the 4th of January is reached.

A complete submission will include:
  • Your answer for the puzzle in text.
  • The image shows your in-game solution to the puzzle.
  • You may use either the base game or More To Explore for this puzzle.
Bonus point: No bonus points are available for this challenge.

Additional Secret: For a major clue towards one of the grand challenge rules, the community must enter at least fourteen different crew members across their submissions (If one crew member is used by someone else's submission but the other isn't, it counts as 1 new crew member).

The submissions must all be different events or only the first will count towards the Grand Challenge clue, and only the first submission for each event will earn the point for this challenge. (it may be worth 'booking' your chosen crew members in advance on this thread!)

Deadline: Tuesday 27th December 12:00 noon CET

Spoilers: You may wish to use spoilers so that other players can choose if they wish to know the answer while the puzzle is up or not. To do so, copy this:

(color=#E1EBF2)*Your answer here*(/color)

and replace the brackets ( and ) with [ and ]

Steam forum link ... 415859534/

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