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Advent Puzzle 23 Solution:(Unknown) Deadline: Friday 30th December 12:00 Noon CET

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Advent Puzzle 23 Solution:(Unknown) Deadline: Friday 30th December 12:00 Noon CET

Post by Blackvision » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:08 pm

The airship stood ready, moored to the Renowned Explorers: International Society Airdock, the flock of messenger gulls wheeling and cawing in the breeze that stirred the ship despite its tether. It creaked and groaned, as if eager to be off on adventure once more, awaiting its crew impatiently.

A lone figure could be seen, at some distance, moving around the deck of the ship, though any detail of their identity was impossible to make out. However, their purpose became clear as a banner was released, unfurling from the side of the airship, revealing its messege to the whole of London, text slapping in the wind, yet large enough to declare a challenge for every Explorer: 'Challenge 23: Explorers' Challenge'.

Puzzle: Every successful Explorer has one, and it is widely recognised as a tool of great use, but you're unlikely to pay it much notice.

A complete submission will include:
  • Your answer for the puzzle in text.
  • The image shows the in-game solution to the puzzle.
  • You may use either the base game or More To Explore for this puzzle.
Bonus point: For a bonus point, correctly state the name of the crew's airship and where it appears in-game with a picture.

Additional Secret: For a major clue towards one of the grand challenge rules, the community must submit at least 3 bonus-earning entries.

Deadline: Friday 30th December 12:00 noon CET

Spoilers: You may wish to use spoilers so that other players can choose if they wish to know the answer while the puzzle is up or not. To do so, copy this:

(color=#E1EBF2)*Your answer here*(/color)

and replace the brackets ( and ) with [ and ]

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