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Challenge #114:Panic with the Discos

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Challenge #114:Panic with the Discos

Post by Zale » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:59 pm

Challenge #114: Panic with the Discos
Author: Claufi
Contributions from: Flamestalker, Noctua Spell, Liort, Zale


"Wow, what is that? Earl! What do you call that?" Suh was looking at some of the societies early treasures.

"Now this is a special, one that I actually discovered." Earl said and prepared himself to brag a lot.

"You see, this is actually a very special nugget, It's outside is covered with gold, while on the inside, it actually contains traces of sapphire. It truly is an one of a kind find." Earl finally had the opportunity to brag about something, so he smiled widely will telling Suh the story.

"I see, This is really interesting." Suh said with wide eyes staring intensely at the nugget. "I wanna find something like that! And name it in the honor of my royal family!" Suh suddenly declared.

"You. Servant!" She yelled and pointed at Earl.

"M-m-me? Servant?!" Earl was saddened. Here he thought he could teach a youngster new things while brag about it too. But he was just a servant in the eyes of the royal child.

"Yes you! You shall accompany me on a journey for great discoveries. No is not acceptable answer, let's go!" Suh grabbed Earl's pants and dragged him with her.

"Hey! where are you two going?" Harry interrupted them.

"Harry. H-help me! she is kidnapping me." Earl screamed, at Harry with begging eyes.

"Kidnapping? But, Earl, she is the kid. This looks more like an adult-napping to me if anything." Harry laughed.

"Harry, pleasure to see you. Now no to time to waste, join us on our journey for new discoveries." Suh said dragging Earl past Harry, who was shaking his head.

"No thank you, this looks like something I'll find highly unpleasant. Discoveries?! Eww no thank you. Had you offered treasures I'd be interested." Harry said and watched Suh drag Earl further on.

"Humph, suit yourself, not like I have any need of someone who doesn't understand the beauty in new discoveries. Come Earl, we will move on and find a more suitable explorer to join us." Suh demanded.

"I don't seem to have a choice do I?" Earl complained.

Suh looked down at Earl whom she had dragged around for a bit. She smiled and simply said. "No!"

Suh captain Earl crewmember.
Harry Banned.
Your score is your Renown
You must play on Adventure mode.

BRONZE:3000 (1MP*)
SILVER:7000 (2MP*)
GOLD:14000 (3MP*)
PLATINUM:21000 (3MP+**)
* Number of medal points awarded when playing on Classic Difficulty. Easy and Normal give less, according to these rules.
Gold and Platinum medals may only be achieved without losing, though Silver and Bronze are still possible to get with just the Record sheet for that trip.
** The platinum medal is extraordinary and can only be achieved on Classic or Impossible difficulty without losing. It doesn't increase Medal Points further than a Gold medal, but we will track how many you have.

How to participate
You can participate with a highscore, a story or both.

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Game Version
Build must be 483 or later

Story ideas:
Will Earl be able to escape his Adultnapping? What discoveries could they possibly make? Why does Harry hate discoveries?

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