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More to Explore! Game roadmap

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More to Explore! Game roadmap

Post by Joni » Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:08 pm

Hello explorers!

We'd like to inform you of the plans we have for the game in the coming months. We're very excited with the possibilities and potential Renowned Explorers: International Society has. We believe that with some help of you we can continue delivering support and content for the game to create an experience you can always come back to!

So if you purchase Renowned Explorers, what can you expect? First of all, we will deliver technical as well as balance support. We want to remove bugs or imbalances that slipped through our QA, Especially in the first days after release, this will be our focus.

After that, we have scheduled new content releases regularly. We think the game has so much to offer, and we barely scraped the possibilities here! We have a lot of mechanics in place to create exciting content. So expect new stories and enemies.

But what we really want to do is make more places to explore! Making a whole new expedition takes quite some time and resources, but we think it's where Renowned Explorers shines the best. It will take a little while, but new expeditions will be made available to you! Because we're excited to bring you this unique experience, our first expedition will be added to your world map for FREE once it's done!

We have many more ambitions for Renowned Explorers. Once we get more feedback and know more about our possibilities, we will keep you updated on our future plans.

Also, if you got ideas or feedback (both criticism and love!), please let us know! The monks here at Abbey Games are devoted to give you the most fun and diverse adventuring experience possible!

Have a great time exploring the exotic characters and locations of Renowned Explorers!

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Re: More to Explore! Game roadmap

Post by CaptainJerJer » Sat Oct 31, 2015 4:20 am

I say crowdsource an expansion. Should have enough positive stuff online about the game in the coming weeks to be able to rake in some dough. Biggest negative thing for me is going through the same stories every time for each location, but of course they take a long time to create Im sure so that's not an easy hurdle.

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