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How to get more Renown

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How to get more Renown

Post by Spielesocke » Sun Aug 14, 2016 5:24 pm

I was very happy to reach the last expedition the first time and now i manage to do so almost every time but i never beat the games goal to reach more than 2500 renown because i lack of rescources.

Most of the time i have to less gold to buy good equipment or i really lack in renown or science and i saw pictures of people who reached quite a lot of it here on the forum. So maybe somebody has a few hints which teams work well and where i should spend my tokens either research, gold or other stuff.

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Re: How to get more Renown

Post by Worblehat » Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:25 am

Sorry for the slow response! I'll try to organize advice in order of complexity. Don't worry, we were all in your position when we started. Well, I was, at least. :-)

1. Basics

Wiki: ... orers_Wiki
Treasure Guide: ... =522008957

Both are *huge* helps for planning what to do next. I can never remember which trinkets are where, at what upgrade level, or at what upgrade level the other kind of specialist is at Constantinople or Rio. The wiki also helps plan research spending, since you can work out ahead of time whether you'll be able to finish a tree or not. The Treasure Guide has helpful info on what kind of checks a given treasure requires, and whether gaining the treasure will have effects like the Baba Yaga treasures in Transylvania or the swamp resolve hits from the Sunken Cathedral treasures in Hungary.

Taking good advantage of mood and emotion mechanics in combat also falls in this category. It doesn't directly lead to renown, but does mean you can worry less about the combat side of your team composition if you're practiced enough at tactics and game mechanics to win comfortably even with no healer, or mostly low-defense characters, etc.

Some general advice:
A. Generally defensive equipment is more important than offensive. The shops are fairly generous about returns (75%) so go ahead and upgrade as best you can after each expedition. I generally try to balance each character's defenses since most expeditions have a mix of speech and physical attacks.
B. Feel free to take a fair number of hunger penalties to explore a map better. The first expedition is so easy that you should literally visit every node. After that you generally can't visit everything, but try to hit every node with anything useful showing. This advice doesn't necessarily apply to the 5-star expeditions, btw. Shangri-la is very tough (see the thread on that topic in this subforum), and the boss fights on Lost Island are no pushovers either. I guess if I were to express this as a rule of thumb, I'd say go ahead and take 4-6 hunger penalties on expeditions that aren't 5-star, and 1-3 penalties on the 5-stars. Depends what specific penalties you get, of course.
C. Captains who tend to score well - Anna, Dolores, Kwame, Charles, Molly. Though any captain can do well once you're more practiced. Anna, Dolores, and Charles make a token type generate multiple resources, which helps a lot. Kwame can stack huge numbers of helpers to boost a token. Molly is a natural for a rogue-stacking group (generally Molly-Harry-Philippe), but that's getting into more advanced territory.
D. Team members who can score well - Harry, Anna, and anyone with cards that boost your preferred resource and/or strategy. Harry's personal story card is another way to get a multi-token, and Anna can teach her naturalist and engineer perks to team members which can be very helpful. But at least to start with, what characters have cards you've unlocked will be most important.
E. Resource focuses - Gold is probably the easiest to score well with, since you will be able to afford very good equipment. Take a look at the Star of Africa in the Treasure Guide - that's why Mali is the standard fifth expedition for gold-based teams. Status can also score well but you do need to make sure you gain enough gold to keep semi-decently geared too. But having a ton of helpers and useful specialists is very powerful. Nothing wrong with a research focus either. But most of the times I've gone for study tokens over the other two it was because Anna was captain, so at that point it isn't really a research focus so much as an everything focus. Just bear in mind regardless of your primary resource focus that you will need decent amounts of both others to do well.
F. The Clear Crystal treasure on Emerged Island is a nice scoring bonus. Transylvania's Barked Face is equivalent but not certain to spawn.
G. In the campfire interface, notice the buttons below the cards in your hand. It took me quite a number of games before I realized that I could hold onto good cards for the next expedition's campfire! :p

I'd encourage you to try the weekly challenge every week. Good practice, interesting constraints, a good way to learn specific strategies, and Manuel is quite good about setting the Bronze medal threshold low enough that beginners can still get on the board (I may have the record for most Bronzes, actually...).

2. More advanced

There are several approaches to scoring, beyond the basic "go out and find what you find and see how the renown turns out".
A. You can try an insight build (Agatha or Pedrinho are good captains for that), use the History tree, and see how nuts you can get right before the last expedition. It's not always clear which of Africa or Asia would be the better spending location - depends on what bonuses you've picked up, and possibly what treasures as well.
B. Another method is perk-stacking, as in the Molly example above. You'd want to maximize your chosen perk across the team, so lots of duplicate trinkets for example. The Treasure Guide is very helpful for planning this since often there are multiple treasures that give +x tokens per level of that perk at the end of each expedition. The down side is that it's a luck-dependent strategy and you'll probably do a ton of restarts to get exactly what you want from the starter expedition.
C. The highest scoring approach I know of, by far, is the rainbow build. Stack all the perks you can on one character, and have that character do every possible skill check. The idea is to maximize the use of the Apparatus Artists engineering paper, any specialist from Stockholm you can utilize with their "+1 token every time a character with level 4 in [perk] succeeds on the adventure wheel" ability, certain campfire cards that add tokens, any specialist from Rio with +2 tokens, level 6 perk version of the Stockholm ability, and any other bonus you can pile on. Give the spinner the very best gear you can afford, even if the other two are in rags, for example, since there's a base stat component to every spin. This is where Anna's ability to teach perks really shines, since she makes getting the 3 engineer part of Apparatus Artists very easy. Dolores as captain and rainbow skill character is insanely powerful - that was my first and highest scoring rainbow game, with Anna and Charles in Challenge 33. Harry is another notably good rainbow character, starting with 2 Rogue and his campfire card adding status to collect tokens when he succeeds at rogue or beguiler spins. An interesting side-effect of this strategy is that you don't care so much where you go, you just want to succeed at a ton of skill checks. My Dolores game went 1-2-2-3-2 stars, for example. Who needs Shangri-la or Lost Island? :-) Abbey nerfed this strategy a bit in the most recent patch, and may well do so again next week, but it's still very powerful.
D. Secret-stacking. The Psychology tree gives you a secret every time a character with rank 4 in any of beguiler/tactician/quick wits perks makes a beguiler/tactician/quick wits spin success. That can add up nicely, particularly if you also have enough supplies to get the Shepherd's Crown and continue exploring the Highlands for a while.

Research - I think one generally wants to beeline the complete bottom-row tree for the resource you focus on after expedition #2 if you possibly can, to get that +50% into play ASAP. That usually means doing little or nothing in Observation or History after the first expedition. A rainbow strategy will want Engineering done quickly, both for Apparatus Artists and for Hyperspeed Airship to quickly unlock the other shops for trinkets you might need.

Rio vs. Asia doesn't seem to be the no-brainer in Asia's favor that I once thought it was. Asia is very good, but the specialist when Rio is upgraded to level 2 can be incredibly powerful. If you've got a gold based team about to romp through Mali looking for the Star, Princeza's +15 gold/collect token is amazing (or a bit disappointing if it turns out she isn't there that game...).

That's probably more detail than you're looking for, and there's certainly stuff that I didn't include because I don't know it!

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Re: How to get more Renown

Post by Hityashan » Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:18 am

So far, this is the best guide I've run in to. I intentionally created an account just to appreciate your post.

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