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Hungarian Fort too hard?

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Hungarian Fort too hard?

Post by Sunlandic » Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:23 am

So I've now beaten this game (in Adventure mode) 3 times I think, though only went to Shangri-La in one of them (recently lost to Riveloux there - bit salty still). I have also had a number of false starts, almost always because I chose the Hungarian Fort instead of the Caribbean Island.

There a number of reasons that the Hungarian Fort seems harder, but the main two are the boss battle and the event with the wolf in the abandoned village. The abandon village wolf is on a supply tile, and with every party comp I've tried so far I've never had better than a ~30% chance of avoiding the -1 Resolve. Of course, this is merely part of a pattern of the Hungarian Fort events generally having larger downsides than the Caribbean Island ones.

The boss battle is much, much harder than the Caribbean Island one. The Alchemist's multi-target stun is annoying (though avoidable if you don't line up) but the real problem is that there are just too many adds and they do too much damage. Coupled with Aggressive moves being almost completely locked off (because a single one makes the dynamic bad, and you CANNOT afford the -30 Speech Defense) it means that most parties can't beat this encounter at all unless they are HEAVILY Friendly-Focused. Your team is stuck with "Try to" on all 3 Friendly slots? GG, should have taken a cruise.

I don't think it is possible to get through the Hungarian Fort as your second expedition right now without losing at least two Resolve - while the Caribbean Jungle I can complete easily. This makes it so that there is really only one choice for your second expedition, which gets repetitive.

Suggestions to fix -

Add an pre-combat event to the Alchemist to make the fight easier (like how you can prepare defenses for the Smuggler) or

Reduce the difficulty of the Alchemist encounter a bit (maybe 2 less starting mobs?)

Add another choice for the second expedition. Maybe a "Tibetan Monastery," with the Shangri-La tileset? or something. Preferably somewhere nice for aggressive teams, since they haven't yet had a chance to cover their weaknesses with items and second-tier abilities.

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Re: Hungarian Fort too hard?

Post by omphaloskepsis » Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:31 pm

FWIW, I always do the fort before the Caribbean. I usually use Friendly teams, so that might bias my judgement , but I've beaten the alchemist with both Friendly and Devious crews.

The biggest issue I have with the HF is that supplies are too limited. I'd like to have at least a chance (with luck of placement and successful rolls or whatever) to explore the whole area, but as it is I don't think it's possible without racking up severe penalties.

What I always do:
- Max out Books and Armor in the store before the mission.
- Ignore a significant portion of the HF map. I want to get to the Alchemist with only 3-4 turns of starvation at most. I used to try to clear most or all of the map, but that almost guarantees you'll lose the final fight.

Also, Pedrinho with his AoE is really great in this fight. Not required, but he makes it easy to quickly clear out the mobs so you can focus on the alchemist.

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