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Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:53 am
by omphaloskepsis
I've tried around a dozen times, and lost every time. I've only made it to the final confrontation once (it went badly), though I never rush the map.

Teams that cruise through the rest of the game get crushed. Experimental crews don't seem to be better or worse than the ones that seem like powerhouses until that map. I haven't tried a purely aggressive approach, but I have tried mixed methods (aggressive + devious, etc.).

Anybody have any luck? If so, who was on the crew and what were your tactics?

Re: Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:08 am
by Rabbit
Well it's not just you, Shangri-La is a lot tougher than the rest of the game. The first time I made it there I got wiped out by demons on the first encounter. Now I'm winning every time, so let me try to help you out.
Try some of these tips to make your time easier:

Pick Anna as your leader and focus on getting study tokens. Her leader ability make study tokens worth more than all the others. Make sure you go to the island levels and the pyramids to get the most science tokens. Buy entourage specialists that give more study tokens for succeeding, and focus on the scientist research project. This approach will get you more than enough of all 3 resources to comfortably improve your characters. Anna makes one of the best tanks in the game too. She has ridiculously high speech defense, just buy a mid-level armor for her and she's good till the end.

For a really easy time, take the afro-haired scientist as well. Together, him and Anna can keep almost all the non-boss enemies stunned while you pick guys off. In the final fight, only the main guy is a boss, the other 3 can be stunned. Wipe them out with area effect skills and put the appropriate debuff on the boss; terror if he's aggressive, sadness otherwise. Just have your tank sit on a gold tile and the last fight becomes really easy.

Enemies will almost always hit the guy that did the most damage to them, so it's pretty easy to force bosses to attack the guy you want. If your scout is hurt and you don't want him attacked, consider not attacking with the scout that turn so that the boss will switch targets.

If you need anything more specific than that just ask

Re: Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:01 am
by omphaloskepsis
Great reply with a lot of detail. Thanks!

I'm going to give it a shot right now.

Re: Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:12 am
by omphaloskepsis
So thanks to Rabbit I completed Shangri-La after 4 more tries.

Anna, Earl, Hatice - failed. I finished one of the sub-bosses before I got wiped out. (Typical of earlier tries.)
Anna, Earl, Phillipe - failed. Didn't make it to the end, but I was messing around with this team.
Anna, Earl, ??? - failed. Slightly better results, I took out two of the sub-bosses. I think ??? was Jan-Piet, but not sure.
Anna, Earl, Bia - success. I still had two resolve left at the end. I had 2 keys when I started the final fight.

I don't see how Shangri-La (the final fight) is winnable on friendly, or without the stuns provided by Anna and Earl, but I'm going to keep experimenting. Even with the successful team, Bia missed a couple of 100% attacks (enemy grit), and 1/4 stun attacks failed. There's also a somewhat cheap enemy attack, an area effect that can remove 1 resolve per crew member without killing them. Also, on one of the battles I tried Legendary Armor on Anna and it was nearly useless. I think she was killed in two hits.

There are a two keys that I've never gotten, I think because they require unusual (for me) perks. It may be that the fight is easier with all four keys, but I haven't figured out what perk(s) I'm always missing.

Re: Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:59 am
by Niddhoger
You can only get 3 keys- if you were paying attention it says "Rivaleux already has one key" before you actually start the expedition. He has the "key of privilege" that is useless on its own- it just buffs the other keys you let him get. They are only +5 for you, but they give his team huge defensives boosts. the first time I got to Rivaleux (discovery mode, but still classic difficulty), I remember thinking how easy it was because I managed to nab all 3 keys and get to him right at 0 supplies/no penalties. So next time (in adventure mode) I decide to skip the last key- denying him +5 speech on his team isn't worth incurring a handful of starvation penalties, right? Well that is when I learned his key is what gives his team so many immunities. It just so happened that the key I skipped was linked to my parties main damage type (friendly). I was especially dependant on impressing enemies on my tank them finishing them off with my other two. My speaker even became a vampire giving her another +10 speech on top of her already ridiculous "glass cannon" speech stat.

I do have to say, Bia is a BAMF dps. Her uncertain slash still benefits from the pleasant atmosphere of friendly Vs friendly without changing it. So, she can reap the +50% physical attack bonus two turns in a row. Its especially nice if you use your tank to enrage/terrify a target on the second turn, so she can use her triple/quadruple slash while maintaining the +50% attack bonus from backstab... after having done the same thing the first turn with that uncertain slash. One of the scientists... Earl? The guy with the scar down his eye? Has a ranged version that can be upgraded into AoE.

Btw, when you get to a challenge you can't complete, pay attention to the % chance breakdown. Anything greyed out with a -- by it will be something that should have figured into the role, but that character was missing. This is how I learned that there are "role" bonuses that usually give a free 10/20% off the top for just being a specific class. So a scientist that lacks any ranks in naturalist will still get +20% to a naturalist role, which is higher than a single rank in the skill from a non-naturalist. I also noticed that basic stats like grit and speech defense also factor in. I had a speaker without any ranks in diplomacy still get ~60-70% diplomat rolls even though she completely lacked the skill. Being a speaker on top of her insane speech stat was enough to force the roll up to decent #s. This is the main reason why I am leary of taking two members of the same class. You lose diversity of skills. Anna and earl aren't even the only people that can stun. Off the top of my head, Maria (speaker) can stun too. If anything, I'd say just bringing a tank and a healer is the main thing you need to do well in adventure mode. Using friendly attacks as heals just doesn't cut it. One of the scientists (with the scar down one eye?), Kwame the speaker, and Pedrinho the scout all have good AoE heals. They tend to pull aggro with them though... but it can definitely save you resolve.

Re: Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:47 pm
by omphaloskepsis
Niddhoger wrote:You can only get 3 keys- if you were paying attention it says "Rivaleux already has one key" before you actually start the expedition.
I have a tendency to read the dialog the first and maybe second time, then skip through it as fast as possible after. I thought there were five keys, and I could get 4. Oops. The key damage buff to Rivaleaux's team is great to know about, too.

Thanks for an informative post. Have you been able to finish Shangri-La with a friendly (or a friendly-leaning) team? My go-to team has been the recommended one- Pedrinho, Maria, and Emilia. They've been a strong map-clearing team for me, and they do fine even against demons, but they get stomped in the final battle. At least with the tactics I've tried.

Re: Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:40 pm
by Erfeo
I just beat Shangri-La with Agatha, Anna and Phillipe (classic adventure). I used the Preparation techs and Agatha's captain perk to save up 21 insight and I spent them for 2 Discovery, 1 Study in Beijing. So I had a lot of science and quite some gold before I went to Shangri-La. The "Knowledge equals Power" tech was especially good, since all my party members had high levels in either Engineering, Naturalism or Archaeology.

I got 2 keys but not the most important Wisdom key. I had hoped to use the alchemist set to set up a deadly combo with Agatha and Anna, so that was a real set back. Still, my Speech def was really high and Armour was my only weakness. As long as I avoided a friendly mood on my side, they would never go into aggressive so that turned out pretty well.

Re: Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:06 pm
by omphaloskepsis
Erfeo wrote:I just beat Shangri-La with Agatha, Anna and Phillipe (classic adventure). *SNIP*
Thanks for the post Erfeo, this kind of info is exactly why I started the thread.

I nearly beat Shangri-La with a friendly team the other day: Pedrinho (captain), Maria, and Emilia. I went into the final battle without any keys (I failed all of the rolls at the temples, with 69% or better odds on each). During the fight, I took out everyone but Rivaleaux, but got too beat up in the process to finish him. Also, my renown starting that map was ~2800, which is the highest it's ever been at that point, including with Anna as captain.

Re: Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 2:56 am
by Niddhoger
Ok, I took a little break and came back for the new DLC. I recently beat Shangril-la with a friendly party on Adventure mode/classic difficultly. I actually used Maria as my captain (for something different), and took Pedrinho and Victor with me. I generally don't like rolling with default parties, they are usually too one-sided in attack options or skills. I took preparation but was too starved in science to get more than 2 other techs past that tree (in the speaker one). I went to transylvania so Maria became a vamp for +10 speech, turning my glass cannon into more of a glass artillery. With her two-part heartplay (if set to aggressive, which Victor would start us off as) and then a two-part sadden she was quite brutal. Pedrinho and Victor could both use AoE heals, and Victor also had an aoe-(attack) debuff. I managed to find all 3 keys (its what the tools are for!) and get to the last temple without incuring any starvation penalties. As I said before, whatever party you are using, make sure you get the matching key! Never fight Rival as a friendly party without getting hte key of heart (from the naked beauties/illusion temple).

During the fight, I didn't even lose a single resolve point! (I had 4 remaining). I started as aggressive, and their team followed suite. I used heartplay to stun the turban guy, then had victor use "peace treaty" for aoe threat and to debuff the other team. They stayed aggressive, and plinked off my party (I sprung for Victor to have sky-high armor to be a tank). I then used Pedrinho's "Disarming smile' to lock down Tommy (prevents him from using normal attacks) and finished off turban-guy. After that, I alternated AoE heals and tried my best to manage aggro sniping down the others one by one. Once I had Rival cornered, it was game over.

I must say, having at least one "healer" in your party is probably the most important addition you can make- especially on Adventure mode. The trick is that healing makes mad aggro, so you have to be prepared to deal with this. He has to either be tanky (Sky-high grit, armor, and/or speech defense), protected by other members (either via taunts or utilizing terrain), or employ stuns/kill off nearby threats.

Re: Anyone gotten past Shangri-La?

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 2:22 pm
by DungeonRyu
The final battle at Shangri-La was insane and the most difficult in the game. I only was able to beat it because I had 5 Resolve and a healer. I wasted 4 resolve during this battle, I honestly thought I won't make it.

My main damage focus was Devious, the secondary was Aggresive. Adventure mode - Classic Difficulty.
I do not think I had the best team, but it was pretty good. I managed to get all three keys(Yvonne lost grit because of the weakening). I also focused heavily on Study, so I barely had enough gold to buy equipment.

Yvonne - as a main speech damager and tank. Equip - Adventure Book(lv4), Master Armor(lv3), Lucky Charm(lv3). Skills - Main attack Sadden(+Humiliation bonus), good supportive attack - Deride(+Sadist). Group insult - very good for crowd control.
Dolores - main physical damager and good group speech weakener, can withstand a good deal of physical damage. Equip - Master Book, Good Memento(lv2), Trowel & Broom(gives -10 Speech Defense to all enemies around you). War Drums(Primal Roar and physical attack booster) Skills - Pinning Strike - very good in a Brutal Mood(in the last battle), Primal Roar(+Loud Roar), Encourage(lv5 skill)
Primal Roar stats with equip and skills.Power: 90%+Speech(additionally +20% for each enemy), enemies -30 Speech Defense(-20 for 1 turn), enemies -25% attack power if they are terrified.
Emilia - healer, weak damager. Good Book(Lv2), Master Armor(lv3), Compass, Monkey Wrench. Main Skill - Tranquility(+Positive Energy)

Start with Friendly attitude. Try to dispose of Tommy first, because his aggresive attacks are insane and can kill the whole group in 1-2 hits.
Use environment to be in choke points, where only 1-2 guys can attack you. Stay in yellow spots, in order to get extra healing on every turn. Your healer should always be in a safe spot.
I usually waste Tommy and Cassandra first