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Trinket Improvements

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Trinket Improvements

Post by Ullissen » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:43 pm

Trinkets are an important part of this game, and there are many great ones to choose from. However there are also quite a few that I fell are weak, expensive or I feel have other issues that need to mentioned. As always feel free to comment on mine or post your own ideas below.

I have no real issues with the trinkets here, most of them are really well designed. There is one that I do want to talk about though, nothing really important just things I want to mention.
Coach Whistle:
First of let me make it clear that I love this trinket, I pick it up very often. The issue I have with it is thematically. I can see why a Coach’s Whistle could give Tactician-Offence, but how/why would it give Survivalist-Hunting? There aren’t any team sports that would really justify it having that perk. If it’s supposed to be a nod to Hunting whistles/calls then I’d be in favor of replacing the Coach’s Whistle with an actual Hunting Whistle.

While the addition of this cute little shop was heavily appreciated, its trinkets have some troubles to say the least. Nearly all of them have something that holds them back, so I mention all of them. I also feel that the shop should have only one upgrade so items are available with less investment.

Janisary Börk:
I dont really understand the point of this item. its cheap enough but it is unlocked quite late for it to be of much use to somewhat experienced players. The first possible moment it can be unlocked is after expedition 2, which means it needs to be relevant for expedition 3 and in my opinion it usually isn’t. Even the poorest crews should have enough gold for basic defensive gear and in my opinion you generally don’t need any more than that. The only time I ever used it was when I had empty trinket slots, in any other situation I really don’t think its worth the trinket slot.

Perhaps adding 5 speech defense to it as well will give it a bit more use. However I’m probably not the intended buyer this item and therefore not the best person to judge it. For those here that do regularly use it, can you fill me in what it is I might not be seeing in this fancy hat?

The Lute:
Overall the Lute is a fine item, it is just a really overshadowed by the Incredible Rose. While its cheaper and easier to get with no required shop investments, most teams will invest in Moscow anyway for the Defensive gear which lowers the investment barrier for the Rose significantly.

Haggler’s Pot:
As it offers only 1 Quickthinker perk and nothing else means that it will always stand in the shadow of the Grappling hook. That’s OK for the most part considering its cheap price and relatively rare perk, but I have one minor problem with its placement. It is in the second row of trinkets in Muskat, which heavily increases the price barrier to actually get the item.

Considering its placement in Muskat and the costs needed to unlock it, and that its rival is only 3 unlocks in a generally more useful shop, often means that teams with enough gold will often skip Muskat altogether in favor for going further into Moscow. A single Quickthinker perk also isn’t that useful by the time it unlocks. In the third expeditions you generally want 2 and preferably 3 in the perk which gives the Grapplinghook another advantage. Overall the item is fine, it is just held back a bit by the fact that investing in Muskat is often really situational and less desirable than in the other shops.

Moving it to the first row of trinkets would probably help it get picked up more often, with no extra investment required. Therefor I’d like to recommend making Muscat a single upgrade shop, with 3 available right away and 3 more after a single upgrade. This should help all items there get picked up more often, especially the Haggler’s Pot, as investment isn’t as big anymore and less wasteful.

The Turban:
An interesting item for sure, it offers a generally rare perk and an interesting effect. It is a little more expensive than its rivals thought, which results in my rarely buying it for the perk alone and because of that I often forget that it even exists.

But is the Turban’s effect useful? In a sense it is, on paper it does give an extra 25/30 speech defense when you are tyrannizing which is equivalent to about 450 gold in a defensive item. While its goldvalue does seem great on paper, there are two problems that limit it greatly. The first is that it technically doesn’t give you anything, it only prevents you from losing it due to a disadvantaged mood. The second and the bigger issue is that while the user is protected, the rest of the team is not which puts them into danger. This makes the effect only situationally useful as intentionally going into Tyrannizing is still really dangerous for the rest of the team.

Overall its fine and doesn’t really need changes, just wanted to point out its heavy situational nature. Its probably best used for Devious explorers with good innate Speech defence that can draw attention away from their teammates, like Charles, Yvonne and perhaps Dolores.

This is the item I usually go to Muscat for, a very rare Naturalist perk along with 5 speech which Naturalists often lack. The astronomy perk is often worth it on its own due to its rarity, there is nearly no other way to get the perk so if you want to max out in the Naturalist tree you’ll often have to get the item to do it. The 5 speech is also a nice bonus, many of the characters that often build Naturalist also tend to be a bit lacking in speech so can help cover that weakness a bit and speech is great to have in general. Just too bad its so darn expensive to buy, like stated before making investment in Muscat cheaper would help it

Corsair Coin:
This is one of the items that actually inspired me to make this list, as I noticed it (and the Sheriff badge) was heavily designed around the two Tacticians around at the time, with this one more aimed at Bia. I always felt that the only reason the Coin gave Military History was because Bia couldn’t make much use of the item if it gave the more thematically fitting Guerilla or Offence, am I correct in my assumption here or am I reading too much into this?

The Coin is very similar to the Turban in what it is supposed to do, but as the perk you get from the item is less rare/important the value of the item is even more reliant on the resistance effect. While the effect is similar to the one from the Turban the problems with the bonus are even more exemplified here. Aggressive characters are often already lacking in speech defence and they usually bring other aggressive characters with the same problem. The fact that it only protects the user is a real problem here as everyone has little speech defense and is at high risk, with the high risks involved you can’t push for that aggressive charge that the item is supposed to encourage.

The item is currently not even close to worth the price of admission if you ask me, the perk it offers isn’t that rare or important, using its effect puts the team at risk and the 5 extra attack it gives is trivial. It needs some major touch ups in my opinion.

First for the prize it asks I’d say we can majorly buff the main theme of the trinket, protecting yourself from Escalated moods. Instead of the protection just applying to holder of the item I’d say make it an Aura that also affects adjacent teammates, that way the entire squad can be affected. The Aura’s situational usage would still make it very expensive so perhaps add another perk to make it more valuable even without it, Rogue-Surprise might be a good candidate as it fits the pirate theme of the item pretty well and it would give one of the rarest perks in the game a trinket. This would also make the trinket much more interesting for Rogues to pick up too, broadening its potential costumer pool and opening up Tactician to a whole set of new character to be built from.

New Orleans:
I love this shop, the Emotion books are great and the Pickaxe and the Pokerset have cemented themselves quickly onto my list of favourite trinkets. But there are also several trinkets that I find weak for their cost or have other issues limiting them.

Cooking pot:
This is a really interesting item, it gives 3 perks for cheap with the drawback that it is only active while you still have 5 supplies. It was nearly unusable on release but ever since the Research tree update that also increased the supplycap it has become much easier to use. It’s a good and interesting item but I still rarely use it, it’s a bit to unreliable for me and the whistle can do a similar job but more reliable. I’m interested if there are people that often use it as a core part of their build, as it can certainly work if you can successfully play around its downside.

Also I never quite got why it gave Weapons Expert, any comment on that? Perhaps another perk would work better here, perhaps QT - Reflexes as being well fed keeps you moving.

Its sad, it used to be one of my favorite items but it has been violently pushed aside by the pokerset. While it still has its uses it’s a little pointless now to get this item now just for the perk, and the 20% accuracy bonus is not needed that often. I feel it deserves a slight rework by giving it a new perk to gets a more unique identity again, I was thinking replacing the Rogue-Bluffing with Survivalist-Spotting would be a fitting change for a Spyglass that would be used to spot things.

Another more ‘out-there’ I had was to replace the 20% accuracy with something new. In Age of Empires 3, which Pikminenco plays a lot, the Portuguese have a special Spyglass ability that lets them reveal a small portion on the map, perhaps we can do something similar with the REIS spyglass and have it reveal a tiles on the map. Perhaps 2 charges per expedition to reveal a tile of the fog (closest to the cursor if possible)

Overshadowed by the Grappling hook in Perks, cost efficiency and ease of access, its 15 grit isn’t much of a selling point either. Reflexes isn’t such a rare perk anymore either which limit it even more, it is just outclassed on all fronts and needs something more.

Considering its cost, unlock path and competition I think it is probably best to give it an extra, different perk it would improve its value and set it more apart from the Grappling hook and the Haggler’s pot. What that perk and perkbranch should be I’m not sure, it’s a bit of a stretch but maybe Archaeologist-Architecture because a Saw can help in construction? That would make it intriguing options for both archaeologist and QTs alike.

Another idea after discussing it with the Discord was to make the Saw Athlete-Powerhouse and Archaeologist-Architecture to better fit the Construction motif, while moving the QT perk elsewhere.

Similarly to the Saw, it’s overshadowed by its Moscow counterpart. The extra grit is nice but usually not worth enough to take it over the Rose aside from very specific situations in EC. And its perk Astonishing is available right next door in San Fran, which is another strike against it as well.
After discussing it a bit with the Discord we settled on adding a QT perk to it, Unpredictable was the best choice in our opinion. QT - Wits could also be an option.

Sherriff’s Badge:
This is the other of the items that actually inspired me to make this list, as I noticed it (and the Corsair Coin) was heavily designed around the two Tacticians around at the time, with this one more aimed at Victor. I always felt that the only reason the Badge gave Offence was because Victor couldn’t make much use of the item if it gave the more thematically fitting Defence, Military History, or Weapons Expert, am I correct in my assumption here or am I reading too much into this?

Again I feel that yet another New Orleans item is outclassed by other options available. The Whistle gives the same perk, an extra perk, a resistance to a common attack and is also cheaper! The extra (conditional) stats are nice but just don’t keep up with its competition.

My suggestion is to completely change what perks this trinket gives to differentiate it more from the Whistle. My picks to give it are Tactician - Weapons Expert and Survivalist - Tracking, these fit better thematically as Sheriffs track down criminals (or Rivalinis) with a variety of weapons and techniques. Perhaps also steer the Sheriff Swagger (stupid name imo) bonus more towards Grit as well so our new sheriffs become better at the Tracking part of their job.

A very polarizing shop for me, Some of my favorite trinkets are here but I don’t play aggressive very much so I don’t care for the Gloves. However I do feel the gloves are a bit weaker than the books as the gloves only work on basic attacks and not aggressive abilities, although aggressive powerhouses Like Bia and Molly might break the game if they did. The addition of the 4 new(ish) trinkets also messed with the unlock balance here, I’m in favor of moving two from unlock rank 3 down to rank 2 to balance things out better.

Fire Piston:
I have such pity for this thing, its never been good and I can only remember one time that I didn’t buy it as a joke. Time to give this little guy an upgrade, and I have two ideas for it.

The first is to give it a rare perk! Survivalist - Camping would fit nicely don’t you think? Heck with this spectacular upgrade I wouldn’t even mind a small price increase to 150g

The other idea is to make it as good as the old Zemi Talisman, bump its spirit u to 15 and add a good chunk of Grit and it would actually be usefull. I still heavily prefer my 1st idea though, we can always use this one for the Zemi Talisman later :)

The Barometer:
While not bad per se, it’s a bit out of place here in this aggressive focused shop, but that’s not even the issue I want to talk about with. Its almost a wasted item, there is 1 friendly Survivalist in the game and he starts out with Spotting and cant make much use of it. And with my proposal to add Spotting to the Spyglass, we have no more need for spotting here. So I Propose we revert this item back to its earlier version, and give it QT - Alert again instead of spotting.

The Protective Goggles:
I used to really like this item, basically because it was one of the very few Rogue trinkets in the game. While there still is a bit of a lack of Rogue items, the new specialist made it a less essential part for rogue builds. Its still good though so no real changes needed, the only thing I say we do with it is move it a Shop Upgrade rank down to lvl 1. That way Sydney has 3 trinkets available right away so things are more evenly spread.

The Hammer:
Honestly the hammer is fine with the way it is, very powerful in the right aggressive hands. However this is another of the trinkets I say we move an upgrade rank down, to lvl 2 in this case. It is a little weaker and quite cheap compared to some of the other rank 3s, so it makes sense for it to be available earlier.

The Boomerang:
I cant say I’ve used this one much, the Binoculars are just better in my opinion and cheaper as well. So to help this piece of wood out I say we move it down a shop rank to make it available earlier than its direct competitor, and a price cut too, down to 200-250 I think would be good. With these changes its Grit to Attack ratio might need to go down a little to something like 15%.

The Binoculars:
Probably my favorite trinket ever, but perhaps it’s a little on the cheap side for all the great things it does. To give the Boomerang a little more space, perhaps we need to increase the price of this one a bit.

Well that was all the main shop and the trinkets I have some gripes with, perhaps I’ll give some suggestions for the in expedition shops too at a later date.

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