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Community Challenge Suggestions

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:20 am
by Worblehat
We should have a thread here to collect suggestions from the non-Steam folks.

As a general point to start with, I'm quite fond of Challenge concepts that lead to what would normally be "wrong" gameplay choices. Challenge 32 is the most memorable example to me, since my research was all over the place just picking papers that gave more resources in some way, completely disregarding finishing trees since renown was irrelevant for that challenge. Weird, unorthodox, normally-suboptimal games are a lot of fun, at least to me! :-) We probably don't want that every week, but mixing it up with Renown-maximizing Challenges would be good.

I have one partially-fleshed out Challenge idea, could be called something like "Expedition Efficiency" perhaps.

Scoring: Renown/(Speech Defense+Armor)
Special requirements: the sum of all five expeditions must be at least 13 stars.

Reasoning: My thought is to have a good diversity of approaches to choose from. One could play normally, getting the best possible gear, going to Lost Island or Shangri-la (maybe both, for a really bold Victor run, I guess), and rely on the numerator to drive your score. Or one could try to squeak by with the most minimal possible gear without dying, probably choosing easier expeditions to mitigate the risk, but also getting less renown. The special requirement is there to limit how far one could go in that direction - no 1-2-2-3-2 runs, for example. I chose defensive stats as the denominator because it's much more dangerous to skimp on those than offensive gear.

1. Include Grit in the calculation? Or allow an all-scout team to rely mostly on Grit to survive, since RNG can still lead to disaster? Plus at least for me, some class diversity leads to higher scoring runs (not sure that's still true for the real experts though).
2. Add a special rule that Mali can't be expedition #5? That's the classic zero-risk faceroll expedition that gives huge renown if the Star is there, and decent renown if not.
3. Perhaps add "must do a 5-star expedition" to the special requirement? That would solve the Mali concern (well, Victor could theoretically do Mali 5th, but I'm OK with that loophole) while adding more tension to the tradeoff between minimizing the denominator and not dying. At the cost of less diversity of expedition choices, and probably taking away the option to really minimize the gear.

Medal thresholds - I haven't looked into it, but it should be fairly simple to figure out what people tend to have in runs where they play normally. So setting that as the baseline and letting people see if they can do better by this scoring metric with Good Armor/Mementos instead of Adventure/Legendary versions seems like the way to go.

If folks have better ideas to modify or build on this kind of concept, please feel free!

Re: Community Challenge Suggestions

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:53 pm
by Blackvision
Just wanted to say as part of the Community challenge team - we will be keeping an eye on any input here too - and if anyone's interested in becoming a part of the team (whether by writing concepts, helping with results, whatever) just drop us a note. I primarily use the Steam forums myself - even though I originally only had the game on GoG, but I do want everyone that wants to be included in the process to have their say. Also, if you want to get involved and do use Steam for anything else, we can also see about getting you in on the discussions there too!

Re: Community Challenge Suggestions

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:59 pm
by Blackvision
Also, it may need a few adjustments: ... capped.png

I do like the concept a lot though.

Re: Community Challenge Suggestions

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:59 am
by Worblehat
Blackvision wrote:Also, it may need a few adjustments: ... capped.png
Yikes! Looks like all five stats would need to be included in the calculation.

I look at the Steam forums once a week for the challenge results (and sometimes the new challenge if it hasn't been posted here yet). If you guys are OK taking a glance over here when you run low on ideas or otherwise feel like it, that's fine. :-)

Re: Community Challenge Suggestions

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:43 am
by Blackvision
Doing my best to keep an eye on here, and posting up links for written challenges in the Challenges forum where possible!