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Double Bug Report

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Double Bug Report

Post by omphaloskepsis » Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:13 pm

The first is a couple of misspelled words in a Highland Pursuit dialog box:
"Athelete" should be "athlete".
"migh" should be "might".

The second bug I reported during a crash dialog, but I had it a couple of more times, so I have more information (and the crash box dialog didn't come up after the first crash.)

In the Highland Pursuit expedition (the one that becomes available after completing the first 3 missions), I had an encounter with reproducible crashes.

Here's how to reproduce it:
- Have 0 supplies.
- Meet a shepherd who's lost her sheep and accept the mission.
- Succeed or fail several times looking for the sheep, doesn't matter.
- Defeat the wolf.

At this point, you will always get a crash after finishing the final dialog and clicking the continue button:
- IF you fail the final check to herd all of the sheep back to her.

If you pass the final check to guide the sheep back, there's no crash.

It actually looks like a dual bug, because it shouldn't crash obviously, but it also reads like it shouldn't allow you to do the quest if you're out of supplies.

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