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Linux version fails to start.

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Linux version fails to start.

Post by brendanorr » Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:28 pm


While trying to start the latest version from GOG (416) the game fails to load since my distribution doesn't have Wayland.

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$ ldd ./abbeycore |grep "not found" => not found => not found => not found
Is Wayland necessary? I don't think its even shipped by default on a majority of distros.

At any rate I copied the from my system to the game/x86_64 directory and symlinked all of the libwayland libraries to the file and can get it to start.

Additionally, I changed line 18 of from

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  if [ "$(uname -i)" == "x86_64" ]

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  if [ "$(uname -m)" == "x86_64" ]
the '-i' switch resulted in uname spitting out "GenuineIntel" where the '-m' spat out my architecture.

After that I was able to get the game to run.

Hope this helps anybody that can't run if missing,, or from their system.

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Re: Linux version fails to start.

Post by Rutger » Mon May 01, 2017 2:20 pm

Wow, thanks for basically debugging your own problem! :) We'll try to apply these fixes on our side as well, to hopefully increase compatibility further. Thanks again!

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