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List of bugs

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List of bugs

Post by Rabbit » Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:44 pm

Hey Abbey Games,

I love the game, I've played a lot and I'm still really enjoying it.
I've compiled a list of bugs I've encountered while playing, you're probably aware of most of them but I figured I'd try to help you guys out with tracking some of them down. I know there were a couple of recent patches so I hope I'm not listing too many you've already fixed, but here's my list. I've only listed the ones I can reproduce reasonably well. If you have any questions about any of the bugs let me know and I can elaborate more, or grab screenshots or something.


1) Whenever a character gains (or loses) a perk, the character sheet does not immediately update to reflect this, even if the character sheet is
not even open. Switching to a different character sheet and then back again refreshes it.

2) After completing ~ 20 research projects, next research project costs 999999.

3) Jan-Piet's "Inspiring Attack" says it affects up to 3 tiles away, appears to only affect 2

4) "Trowel and Broom" trinket says -25 speech defense to adjacent enemies, but appears to affect up to 2 tiles away instead

5) Improved terrify says it reduces defense by 25, but it appears to increase the reduced attack to 40 instead

6) Typo in Highland Pursuit Expedition description - missing "t" on "might"

7) Increased radius for scientists does not appear to affect Agatha's "Inspiring Course"

8) When in an encounter - hitting enter while in the menu still ends your turn

9) Can't alt+tab to desktop (if no other applications are open) because of the game client, which just opens up the game again

10) Phillipe's "Amnesia Shot" (after upgrading it to hit an additional target) can hit at least 3 targets in a row, instead of the 2 that the
description suggests. I haven't tried to hit more than 3 but I assume it will allow it as well. If this is intended, then the explanation should
say "no longer stops at the first target" or something to that effect.

11) While deciding to climb Mount Kailash in Shangri-La, both Anna (my leader) and Agatha were options to find it boring and lose some speech
defense. I chose Anna, but both Anna and Agatha received the debuff.

12) In Transylvania, There is a town where a villager offers to trade 1 resolve for 1 supply, but it's actually 1 resolve for 4 supplies, which
you can see when you mouse over the option.
13) Enemies that change according to your mood (like Masochist Cultists) leave their unit info (Health bar, emotion) on the map when they die.

14) Sometimes using Kiwi's enrage on an enemy shows that she will also suffer damage from it on her health bar. She doesn't actually take any
damage from using it though. Might not be just her and that skill but I haven't seen it happen on others yet.
15) While purchasing items for a character with 2 equipped trinkets, the item stats show what their stats would be after equipping the new item
and also removing the second trinket. To reproduce, try to purchase an item (offense) for a character with 2 trinkets. The stats show the
character losing the benefits of the second trinket.

16) After receiving a debuff from running out of supplies, if you save the game and then reload it, the debuff is gone.

17) Anna's Experimentation consistently does more damage than it shows after it has been upgrade to increase damage by 25% of her speech. Can't say for sure, but it looks like that extra damage is not being factored into the estimated damage being shown.

18) Missing Name in Emerged Island at the event where a crew member needs to get snapped out of a daze, if you take the option to just leave instead of trying to snap them out of it, a crew members name in the description is replaced with "NO STAR2". I had Anna (leader) as the member who was dazed, Kiwi and Hatice as the other members if that's relevant

19) Missing name for the buddhist buff gained in Shangri-La at the top of the mountain during the event.

20) A lot of things don't save properly - Reloading a game after certain events causes the game to forget that they have taken place. Some examples specifically are the 3 crystals in Emerged Island. Loading a game where one has been collected makes it impossible to finish the collection. Another example is the Shangri-La event that turns all demons to gold. If you load a game where this event has already happened, the demons are no longer gold.

21) Too many buffs on a character causes the skills and mood information bar to re-center itself, which leads to things like the emotion and End Turn button not correctly fitting into the image. This is best shown with a screenshot I think
You can also see that there is a graphic missing for one of the buffs - Shambhala Key of Strength. I'm not sure if that's always missing or not though, I'm pretty sure I've seen it before so I dunno.

Edit 2
22) I killed a guy using Ivan's Pinning Strike, and the splash damage from that killed another guy beside him (A friendly demon). The first guy died correctly and was removed, the second guy did not show any signs of dying. His hitpoint information was removed, but his animation was still there. The friendly demon no longer moved or attacked and I could not target him.

23) There are several issues with the Zombie fight when cultists die because of damage inflicted by the zombie. One cultist who died still engaged one of my characters in the fight animation (The cultist had already run off the screen, but the screen zoomed into my character and the spot vacated by the cultist and remained there for about 10 seconds before it fixed itself). I'm pretty sure the cultist was the next person to act after the zombie, and he didn't have to move to get to my character. Seems like his thread let him attack before he registered that he was dead. Another cultist killed by the zombie ran back and forth forever in the middle of the screen (instead of running off to the edge). This broke the game, he never stopped running and I could not continue.

24) I don't think the yeti event in Shangri-La is working properly. After visiting the location a second time, the text indicates that the yeti is located at "The Abominable Mountain", and proceeds to try to highlight a location on the map like the other times places are marked for you. However, it is the same location that you are standing that gets the animation around it, and nothing becomes available. I'm not 100% this is not on purpose, but if this is how the event is supposed to go it is an odd and confusing choice to act like you are showing us where to go like all the other times and then not.


1) Always allow access to character sheets. When receiving new perks, it's important that the player can look at their characters and decide
which one it should go to, instead of trying to remember who has what.
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Re: List of bugs

Post by Bas » Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:20 am

Thank you for the list! We'll look into them! :)

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Re: List of bugs

Post by Touriste » Thu Nov 19, 2015 5:11 pm

Here's a little one :

Harry seems unable to shot piercing shot when near a "wall" of a map
Issue piercing shot.jpg

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Re: List of bugs

Post by Doggyztyle » Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:18 pm

I might have some bugs to report. I finished a game on Adventure mode with a total renown of 1837 and still got the "Most Renowned Explorer+
Outrank Rivaleux in Adventure Mode." and when I am to select a Captain I can choose both Dolores and Pedrinho even though they say I need more wins to unlock them.

Maybe a bug?

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