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Reus Feedback

Anything Reus-related that doesn't fit the other forums.
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Reus Feedback

Post by RyaReisender » Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:52 pm

Hey I just wanted to give my feedback on the game. :-)

First of all I want to say that I really like the game and played it for more than 50 hours. Awesome game idea. I didn't really think that such a game is for me but you taught me otherwise. :-)
This game is pretty good to relax and kill time.

There are a few things that can be criticized anyway and since criticism always helps developers to grow, here it is:

- there are some text bugs, even in the english translations, in particular, sometimes you see placeholder text like "UNDEF_IF_BLUBBER" (or something) rather than the text, most noticably is the text that is supposed to show when you click on a finished project

- the game ran pretty stable until I became really good with it; once I managed to get 13 ambassadors or more, the game went downhill in stability, most of the bonuses on the "Superior" materials didn't work as displayed, often the "Superior" materials don't count into project bonuses (for example if you have a project that gives +50 Tech for each White Willow, it will only work with White Willow and Great White Willow, but not with Superior White Willow), etc. that was a bit disappointing, I suppose the endgame wasn't tested enough because it's quite challenging just to reach it

- the content is lacking a bit after playing a while; especially if you consider the fact that the early stages of the game will be seen much longer and the endgame is really only the last 20 minutes, it doesn't balance well with the fact that early on you have little options and in endgame you have a huge amount of options, it would have been a lot better if the later unlockables actually were useful in early game so that the early gameplay gets a lot more variety the more you play the game

- I also had wished there to be more after the 120 minute mode being unlocked; in particular something like "missions" where you start with a half-grown planet already and have to reach a certain objective; or simply some mode where you could select with how many villages and how progressed villages you want to start; also achievements for all these modes would be nice to keep you busy even after getting all achievements; after 50 hours I maybe already played the game too much, so maybe I should just stop now, but the game is really addictive so I can of want to continue playing but without any goals it's just not as much fun; maybe even just a mode that randomly rolls out 3 objectives to reach like you start a 30-minute random challenge game and the random objective is e.g. "Have at least 200 food, 100 technologie and a village with only plants." or a 120-minute random challenge game and the random objective is e.g. "Have 3 completed projects, have at least 1000 wealth and have a village with 150 awe."; stuff that isn't too hard to reach but still gives you a good reason to play well

Alright, that's all I wanted to say. :-)

Thanks for making this great game!

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Re: Reus Feedback

Post by Adriaan » Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:48 pm


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I'm just going to be quick and say that I agree with everything you posted. :P Some things are there because of lack of time/experience/money. Those things escalated and are now hard-to-squish bugs. Obviously goes for the UNDEF ones. About stuff not working properly, you can always post them in the tech support forum, because those are relatively easy to fix! So if you find them, please report it! :)

I totally agree with you on the wrong balance between early and late game. You are spot on when you said we didn't have enough time to test, and once the game was released, the balance was already set. I still added some early game assets where I thought there would still be some space (Like the kiwi-fruit and pangolin), but next time I'll make sure to unlock early game options as well!

The last one would also be really nice, but the game is built poorly for handling stuff other than achievements. Again, it's a product of having too little time. It's something I will keep in mind when making new games. ;)

Thanks a lot for playing and the feedback! :D

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Re: Reus Feedback

Post by annaclara » Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:21 am

thank you this was really very helpful i look forward for such info at the forums

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