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An idea for a new, Reus-like game

Anything Reus-related that doesn't fit the other forums.
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An idea for a new, Reus-like game

Post by Defendor » Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:28 pm

The main mechanics kinda like Reus, but this should be a battle game with both a storyline in single player mode, and fantasy creatures, where you face off against other type of giants that try to crush your creations. And perhaps a multiplayer mode.

Instead of only being able to make stationary plants and stationary animals, you can build magical creatures and monster that either automaticly starts walking towards your enemys village to attack it, or remain in place as guards against attackers. Different resourcesymbiosis makes you able to create different warriors at nearby spots. For example, a normal tree could evolve into an Ent that slowly walk towards your opponent to crush him or something like that, if you have the correct mixture of resources. You could also be able to modify nature to make quicksand and dangerous stuff like that for defense.

Well, I haven't a complete idea of exactly everything of course, but in general I think it would be a cool type of "defend and send" game! What do you think?

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Re: An idea for a new, Reus-like game

Post by JInFi » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:11 am

don't exactly think Reus wasn't designed to be a "tug-of-war" game. hence, if reus was to have a sequel, i would think it'd go in one of two directions:

- a refined and more sophisticated version of the already sophisticated version of reus. (sophisticated, huh)

this would probably include a proper storyline on top of the sandbox design that we've seen so far. it would definitely include more biomes, more creatures, more variety, more combos, maybe even more resource categories.

- the other possibility is a game somewhat similar to Banished. if you've played that, you could potentially see what i'm coming from.

this means a proper gamespace, 3D objects over 2D sprites, and much more visual interaction. rather than controlling what humans build though (as in Banished), you would be plopping down resources in locations to an AI human population, and there would be multiple Human towns instead of one.

being honest, to appeal to a larger audience and to really make it seem like a sequel rather than 'Reus 1.5', the latter option is probably what you'd look at.

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Re: An idea for a new, Reus-like game

Post by Rapier » Tue May 06, 2014 3:34 am

That said, I think purists would much prefer option 1. A huge refinement on the game as it currently is (new biomes, new sources, a balancing of the sources that exist).

It would be nice if the scaling of the game could be amended in said sequel so that the early game goes quicker (when you have less options) and the late game is longer (rather than rushing to use the level 4 giants with only 30 minutes left or so on the clock).

New biomes are easy to see - new source catagories are harder to see really though. I mean animals, plants and minerals covers a lot - I guess you could add insects (someone had a good idea for them that wasn't as a new source though), maybe "energy sources" (so coal, uranium and so on would be removed from minerals, but then you could add rivers/lakes as a source of hydro energy, smoking volcanoes and geysers).

Personally having invested so much time in reus 1, I'd love reus 2 to just be a bigger version of the same, and I'd gladly pay the same (or even some more) for that.

The 3d version wouldn't put me off, but I'd miss the charm this game has now.

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