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Is Reus worth it?

Anything Reus-related that doesn't fit the other forums.
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Re: Is Reus worth it?

Post by Fourteen00 » Fri May 24, 2013 9:47 pm

It really is a shame, I came on this board to see if there was a demo of some sort, I really wish more games had demos or timed versions of their game. I feel terrible pirating a game, yeah I said it I pirate games try them out and if I like them I actually pay for them. However let it be clear if there is a demo I have no need to pirate it (I know I will get flak (yup from a cannon) from some people), I really hate pirating indie titles I think it makes them think they lost a possible sale when they check torrent stats. That being said I suppose I have no choice, I am interested in this game and yes I know it's very little money but spending a few here and there adds up over time especially if it is something I would never play. I hope the whoever created the game considers making a demo available anywhere, I feel bad pirating a game even just to test it out. I guess what I am saying is please do not make any excuses for people to torrent your game (shouldn't take too much time to release a beta version or timed/limited demo) I know personally there have been a few games I torrented and took me a while before I realized I didn't buy it and then bought them. Look forward to my purchase if it turns out it is a game I am interested in.

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Re: Is Reus worth it?

Post by puke » Fri May 24, 2013 10:01 pm

Sheip wrote:Hello,
First off I would like to say Hello. This is my first post on this forum. Secondly I would like to know if those of you who have bought Reus consider it a game worth the money. Does it have replayablility? Is it satisfying? Is it difficult> I'm quite curious and would like to know your opinions on the game. Thank you.
Here's my basic measuring stick for entertainment value: A movie ticket costs 10-15 bucks these days, and is worth 90-120 minutes of entertainment. A trip to the cinema for two runs about 20-40 bucks, depending on overpriced snacks and shit.

This game was under 10 bucks, and according to steam I've played it for 20 hours. I've probably wasted a couple hours on this forum, and spent a few more hours daydreaming about strategies.

Priced against a trip to the movies, so far its around 10x the value. Pessimistically, I might continue playing it for somewhere between 1x to 3x the time i've already invested in it, after which the entertainment value might be 20-40x the value of a movie ticket.

I dont think it has the replayability of, say, Dwarf Fortress. But it is certainly worth the price. And it is likely there will be additional content patched in, further increasing the value.

As for demos, check out some of the footage and "let's plays" on the youtubes. That's what initially sparked my interest.

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Re: Is Reus worth it?

Post by Dunam » Fri May 24, 2013 10:36 pm

Research has pointed out time and again that playable demo's reduce the number of sales. Some people are just looking for a taste and will buy, play a little and leave it at that. If there's a demo, they'll just play the demo instead.

Also, the locked features of a demo are not only time intensive to create, but have the risk of having too much or too little, both which will hurt the game.

I'm not saying all playable demo's reduce sales, but most of the time they do.


As for downloading 0-1's not being stealing, well, it may not be a direct financial loss and it may be something I think nearly everyone does at some point, that doesn't make it right or justified.

It is still someone's property you're taking for a ride. Something they ask a price for. Even if you leave everything behind you unblemished, you still did something wrong.

You most likely won't get any negative consequences. There's no cyber police.
It won't stop people from making games, not even from making quality games. It will just stop rewarding those who do.

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Re: Is Reus worth it?

Post by Caiobrz » Sat May 25, 2013 12:11 am

Funny thing people mentioning downloading 0 and 1's being or not stealing, when the ACTUAL question is: are you downloading the intellectual property of Abbey Games without paying? yes? so yes it's stealing, regardless of it being 0 and 1, a box, a CD, a cookie ...

Other than that, I agree on demos, if it reduces or not sales, it happens because people can TEST the game before buying it (and if they don't like, they don't buy it, thus reducing sales). I like testing games before playing because I am unsure they are worth it, and I always purchase the ones I like even if I already had all the "taste" I needed from the demo, but for a indie game that costs so freaking little, asking for a demo is really being cheap, isn't it?

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Re: Is Reus worth it?

Post by Fourteen00 » Tue May 28, 2013 5:26 pm

Wow a playable demo affecting sales, yeah I hate to be rude but it is obvious as to how it does. If you play a demo and it is a game you are not into then you do not buy it, it's not like people are playing demos getting the full experience and not purchasing it. I am very sorry but when it comes to any games (especially with companies I have no business history with/it is their first game) I expect a demo to see what it is like. It could be a dollar game or a 60 dollar game, I want to know that my investment is worth it before I open up my wallet, if I just bought every game that looked interesting that wouldn't exactly be me being a good steward of my money.

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