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My long overdue list of minor issues, complaints and nitpicks

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My long overdue list of minor issues, complaints and nitpicks

Post by Ullissen » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:50 pm

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and Monks and Nuns to my list of small and relatively unimportant issues. Feel free to comment on mine or add any of your own if you feel like sharing your own small gripes with the game.

Prof. Proskuriakova: With Agatha’s card getting a new actual ending to the story, I feel Anna’s card deserves the same treatment. Perhaps if Anna runs out of subjects to teach the story ends. Or perhaps replace the “Grand Discovery” option with a new option “attempts to make a Grand Discovery” that which depending on its success (perhaps based on amount of Nat/Engi perks) makes Anna respect or disrespect the other and ending the story.

BOOMcicle: This story could use some tuning I think, never fully agreed with how it plays out. First of all I feel the success of the Boomcicle should be related to Earl engineering skill, I’m still not sure whether it currently dies or not. If the first attempt succeeded then I feel the 2nd should also be a little more likely to succeed. How the likes and Dislikes are handed out could also be changed a little. I always felt that if the first attempt exploded and the 2nd one succeeded that then the relationship between the two should be healed to some extent, wary + likes Earl, as it wasn’t all for nothing, but this doesn’t seem to be the case right now. I’d love it if this was adjusted.

Dodgeball: It always bothered me the local that shows up during the event doesn’t look excited, this can make it look really weird with some enemies that have a very intimidating neutral facial expressions, the Voodoo pirates on emerged are a good example. I’d like to ask that you make it so that the local uses its happy/excited variant to make it look more in line with your own explorers.

Speaking of locals, why are the locals in the campfire cards for Egypt mummies? It’s funny and all but still kind of weird and disturbing, maybe it would be better to use the Caribbean/Egyptian villager instead.

Caribbean villagers event: In the Caribbean you have an event in which you have to impress a group of villagers, a beguiler check which also has a secret option for rogues. It’s this secret option I have a small problem with, you get a bonus for having Rogue- Sneaking while in the context of the event (you’re lying to them) I feel Bluffing would fit better. Was there any particular reason for picking Sneaking over Bluffing for this event? Because if not I’d say change it to bluffing, even if that hurts my main man Phillipe.

Red Sheep: While I know why this is the way it is, it still slightly bothers me that the sheep are (called) red. They are already reddish-brown so why not go with the much more common brown sheep, I’m sure most people wouldn’t get confused by a non-red enemy that is the aggressive version.

There are still a few small issues here in my opinion. The most noticeably of these is that there quite a few events that feel like they’re balanced for or literally are events from Hungary. One of these (this one) was spotted and fixed to be more balanced around Transylvania, but there are still a few more of these that could use this treatment too.

Woodcutters: There is an encounter with 2 woodcutters, they are incredibly weak for Transylvania and are more in line for Hungary in terms of strength. There are three options to fix this in my opinion. 1: scale the difficulty of the fight up by making them stronger and perhaps add more units. 2: move the event Hungary instead. Or 3: retire the event entirely as it a really bland (and probably one of the oldest) fight that few would even realise was retired.
There are probably a few more of these improperly scaled encounters/rolls out there but this one was the only one I could think of on the top of my head

Supply events:The two events that are straight up Hungary events are two supply events, one in the forest and on in the swamp. Because they are present in both Hungary and Transylvania they tend to be on the (really) easy side in the latter, while I don’t have as much of an issue with these two (who would complain about easy supplies right, especially in Trans) I still wanted to point it out.

Silent insults:The Transylvanian villager ladies don’t have a voiceclips for their devious attacks last time I checked for it, please add the ones the other female villagers/nuns use to them if it’s not too much trouble.

Wolfmaster:I think that the post-fight text of the Wolfmaster fight might have be swapped around, he sounds friendly when you finish him Devious and awkward and scared when you finish him friendly. Is this supposed to be this way (with the wolfmaster being a socially awkward outcast and all) or is it indeed swapped around?

The Deceitful Mushroom: And finally for the Transylvania section of this list of nitpicks is one I pointed out as a concern right when the change was made more than a year ago. There’s an event in which you find glowing mushrooms and you can eat them for Resolve or study them, however this event still has a supplies icon on the map while it doesn’t actually has supplies on it. So please remove the supplies icon from it, add supplies to it, or reintroduce the old “Practical Supplies” icon to clear up the confusion around this event. The last option is my favorite :D

Dogon: during the Oloron event you eventually have a party with Dogon people in the village, however the background in that part of the event seems a little unfinished to me. Is it supposes to be that way?

Oloron: It’s a great treasure and a great addition to the game, but not so much for the basegame players. The Oloron in the basegame has the exact same bonus as the Songhai Sword, which is pretty boring and lazy of you monks. Atleast give it a bonus that is unique to that treasure, for the Oloron that would be the 1-2 science on collect would make it much better and more interesting for basegame players to get. The new(ish) treasures in Transylvania have a similar problem so look at those too. You’ve done this for the Emerged Island update, so why not the Transylvania one.

Javaman: Fix the bonuses for it, the bonuses for lvl 4 Tactician and Engineer dont do anything if the tile the Shipwreck is on is uncovered. I put a more detailed description of the problem I found in this thread

Lost Island
Sharpshooter squads: what do they do? I've never seen any sharpshooters other than the one at the LANDDELVER. Are you guys sure whatever its supposed to do is working right, because no one seems to know what it does, not even Liort and Blackvision.

Rivalinis: I’m mentioning these again, probably the 3rd/4th time but until I notices its been fixed I’m keeping it on the list. Female Rivalinis seem to have an unfinished hat design in most of their mood images, they lack outlines on their hats in several of their images. The Enraged image does have outlines so a finished version of the hat does exist.
Tommy’s Gunnbatters (the special henchmen he has with him) in the encounter with him in Shangri-La don’t have voicelines, not even the rivalini’s normal aggressive attack ones or their “getting hit” sounds. While I can understand the absence of a special Devious voiceline due to one having never being recorded, the lack of their other lines is a bit jarring to me. If not too much trouble I’d like it if you added atleast the base rivalini voicelines in.

The Ending: Last time I checked there are 4 endings in the game (EC mode not counted), but there isn’t one for going to Lost Island and instead he insults you like normal for not going to Shangri-La. I always felt like there needed to be a special ending for going to Lost Island, with Rivaleux being salty about how Pinkerton choose you for the mission instead of him.

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