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Do you Think the leaderboard should be reset for patches?

Do you think the Leaderboard should be reset for Patches?

Poll ended at Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:38 pm

Yes, Reset the Leaderboard and archive old ones
No, Use the existing leaderboard and continue playing
Total votes: 14

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Re: Do you Think the leaderboard should be reset for patches

Post by Mahasuchi » Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:34 pm

Touriste wrote:I read that you were thinking about challenges, so maybe those one can be interesting :
Forest Leaderboard : You can only play with forests village
Desert Leaderboard : Id
Swamp Leaderboard : Id

But well ... you will have to trust people a little because you will need a lot of saves in order to check this.
But maybe there is a log of every events happening into a game ?
It could be good to have separate leaderboards for the biomes if we have more people, but I think until that happens the idea will be restricted to the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly challenge. Also, it has to be determined whether all or just one type of ambassador is allowed or not. The use of mountain and ocean biomes are another factor. Ocean is required for forest and swamp, but are mountains still allowed? Same thing with deserts and oceans.

I figure if all ambassadors are allowed, the rule should be that by within 25%(maybe 40 or 50% for 30 minute games) of the game time you must have all your biomes switched to the required one(oceans and mountains being tolerated) and you must have a save file to prove it. You must also have a save file close to the end game and a full world screenshot and that would be proof for the game. I figure if you're willing to put the effort to photoshop your results or hack into the game to make the symbioses work for you, I don't think you're properly enjoying the game and to me, that's very easy to prove without checking the code or examining closely image files.
naughtyfins wrote:Could just make them show the ambassadors they have on their giants?
You don't really need that if the contestants post save files.

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Re: Do you Think the leaderboard should be reset for patches

Post by JInFi » Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:53 am

at this rate, i will have to do a lot of archiving (which won't help, because i am in the middle of exam block period).

so, I make the request that Moderators help update the topic with me! if possible that is.

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