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2013 E3 Highlights

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2013 E3 Highlights

Post by JInFi » Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:14 am

Guys, E3 is basically over, and i thought it'd be interesting to see what your highlight was from the event.

this year, E3 kicked off a lot of titles along with the new Xbox one and Playstation 4. A large number of Triple-A Titles were announced/showcased. there's been alot of hype going around, so here's my question:

What was the biggest thing you were hyped up about?

Leave as much as you want in your post below.

For me, it was Hands down Mirrors Edge 2. it'd been almost four years since the original game was released, and now, our prayers have been answered, and Faith is finally coming back.

no words can aptly describe how much i loved the first one. personally, i thought a game concept like Mirrors Edge was ahead of it's time, so i'm really hyped as to see what will be heading our way this time.

that, and watching Sony completely Demolish Microsoft's Xbox One with their PS4 Conference. that was totally troll.

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Re: 2013 E3 Highlights

Post by Eline » Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:49 pm

It was Kingdom Hearts 3.
KH2 was once my favorite game. Did not expect to see anything of KH3 this year, while last 6 years I was really hoping for a new game. I don't like the spin-offs btw, so KH3 is amazing news.

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